Funny Faces
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15+ Funny Faces That Reflect A Range Of Human Emotions

Why say it with words when you can say it by contorting your face into a fun expression? The art of making a funny face never gets old. It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 or 57. We’ve all got the same group of facial muscles and the same range when it comes to expressing ourselves facially.

Funny Faces

Below is a comprehensive list of all the funny faces a person can make to help inform your illustrations and creative visions. Enjoy all these silly faces. 

1. Fish Face

Funny Faces

Suck your cheeks in until your lips form a figure eight and there you go! You’re a gold fish. Or any other kind of fish you aspire to be. Bonus points if you can move your lips while they’re positioned as such.

2. Duck Face

Funny Faces

The go-to selfie face amongst a certain set, the Duck Face says “I’m trying my absolute best to look sexy but not TOO sexy.”

3. Extreme Tongue Out

Funny Faces

Stick your tongue way out if you’re taunting a friend or you’re in the mood to grab someone’s attention from across the room without screaming their name.

4. The Devilish Side Tongue Funny Face

Funny Face

Maybe she’s thinking hard. Maybe she’s farting. It’s tough to tell. The meaning behind a devilish side tongue is difficult to decipher.

5. Bug Eyed Girl Face

Funny Faces

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope! It’s a bug-eyed girl, clearly in awe of her surroundings or just in a super weird mood.

6. Crosseyed

Funny Faces

When one or both eyes are turned inward toward the nose, you’ve got your crosseyed look. This tends to happen from focusing on something close, but it can also be the symptom of a permanent condition.

7. Overwhelmed Face

Funny Faces

Hot tip: When you’re aching to express just how overwhelmed you are, just cradle your face with your hands and stare into the nothingness straight ahead.

8. The Stink Eye

Funny Faces

The Stink Eye drips of sarcasm. It says “whatever” more effectively than that word ever could. Do it when you’re rightfully annoyed at a friend or family member or something that’s happening around you.

9. The Home Alone Silly Face

Funny Faces

This funny face says “Holy shit, my face hurts!” Alternatively, it says “OMG I can’t believe [insert juicy gossip item]!

10. Happy Face

Funny Faces

This is the face of pure, unadulterated bliss. Arms open, smile wide—don’t you just want to hug this person who’s so obviously the bearer of wonderful news and a killer good vibe?

11. The “I’m Fine” (But Not Really) Face

Funny Faces

It’s probably Monday morning for this person, who’s the type to say “I’m fine” but definitely NOT mean it.

12. The Huh? Face

Funny Faces

This person definitely didn’t hear you the first time around. Speak up! Or maybe articulate your thoughts better. She’s saying “huh?” without moving her lips.

13. The Clown Face

Funny Faces

She’s happy as a clown and she’ll demonstrate it by pinching her cheeks with each of her forefingers and smiling wide.

15. WTF Funny Face

Funny Faces

WTF, yo? Seriously. This woman is so not down with you and / or whatever’s happening around her.

14. The Squinty Wink Face

Funny Faces

Maybe she can’t quite see you clearly. Or maybe she reallllly has a problem with whatever just came out of your mouth. She’s squinting and kind-of winking for a reason and it’s up to you to figure out why.

15. The Holy Crap! Shock Face

Funny Faces

Holy crap, something awesomely good (and totally shocking) just happened and this girl’s happy to hear about it!

16. The Sensual Wink Face

Funny Faces

She winks because she likes you—and she wants you to know it. There’s a solid chance she’ll say “yes” if you muster the courage to ask her out on a date.

17. The Oops, I did It Again! Face

Funny Faces

This is the face of a woman saying “whoopsies.” Why? Because she’s made a little mistake. A booboo, if you will. Again. Sigh.

18. Pouty Face

Funny Faces

She’ll pout like this with her bottom lip sticking out as far as possible because it’s such an effective tool. Her pout’s adorable, and she’s not afraid to wield it to get whatever she wants in life. TC mark


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