The 5 Most Annoying Types Of People In A Group Chat

1. The Oversharer

Whether it’s a picture of their Starbucks drink or an update about how much they loooove the new toothpaste they just bought, The Oversharer quite literally shares every single little moment that happens to them, thereby forcing the rest of the group members to acknowledge each and every dull detail revealed with a thumbs up emoji or some other disingenuous sign of interest. Sigh.


2. The Complainer

The Complainer takes any and every opportunity to whine, turning perfectly sunny exchanges into rainy day dialogue. Of course, your friends are supposed to be there for you and a little venting is expected, but no one likes a Debby Downer. C’mon! At least pepper your complaints with some hilarious gifs or a few terrible jokes.


3. The Barely-There Member

You respond to the group chat so infrequently that your friends forget you’re even on the thread. And when you do chime in, it’s usually at a super awkward or inappropriate time, and the rest of the group has to fill you in on what you’ve obviously failed to register since you last checked in. Embarrassing.


4. The Space Case

You’re constantly asking your friends to repeat directions to the party or for trip details they’ve already shared five times in your chat, proving that you’re just not that interested in what’s being said, or you’re just that much of an idiot. Grrrrrr.


5. The Careless One

You’re always updating the group name and photo without consulting the group, sharing gifs at random-ass times, and sending messages to everyone at 3am. Sometimes, you message the group something obviously meant for an individual outside the chat, which is equal parts offensive and royally irksome. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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