I Swear Because Women Are Meant To Taste Sweet And I Taste Of Spice

I Swear Because Women Are Meant To Taste Sweet And I Taste Of Spice

I swear because women are meant to taste sweet
and I taste of spice
I swear because women are meant to be nice
and with my words I wish to start a fight with all that must be broken open so we may be free
I swear for the cage you created for me the moment I was born from the womb with a vagina
is not the box I live in
I build my own box
it don’t have the insistent cry of the children I won’t bring forth
or the yawn from mouth at a desk with a job that is killing a spirit I do not know is a spirit for I am so disconnected from myself I am lost
my box doesn’t have the pension I won’t ever spend because I’m miserable with my existence and this will manifest as disease and pain and cancer and kill me before I begin to live
I swear because the madness of people living in a world that contains everything but the joy they seek drives me wild
I cannot contain my disdain for those who have quit living while they still live
and when I swear
you listen
your ears stretch wide
for the world you live in is built for ladies
that courtesy and collect the children
bake cakes
and clean your beer bottles
as you fall asleep with a cigarette in your hands
I swear for I wish to break the chains from the throats of women who are afraid to be speak
to disrupt
I wish to disrupt everything in your life that is parched dry of the authenticity of your soul
I wish to shake you into all that you are so you may leave all that you pretend to be
I swear because we don’t listen anymore
because good, fine, okay
aren’t even emotions and I want to hear your soul cry
your heart speak
I swear because our world still needs to be shouted at to listen sometimes
not all
but some
I swear because I like the way the energy in a room tenses as the words fall from my fiery tongue
I swear to get a rise from the parts of you that you do not know are sleeping. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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