This Is How I Want To Be Wanted

I want to be devoured — I want to be picked up and spun around with a thirst and a fire to consume me. I want to be wanted so passionately part of me could shriek and run with bare toes into the white froth of the ocean. I want to be chased lovingly, and sweetly–where his hands are magnets to the small of my back, where there may very well be super glue attached to our lips — where we ask if we can eat kisses because our limbs and arms and mouths do not dare part unless for food or ocean or work or play. I want to be chased with the intention of being kept.

And in being kept, I want the world to hum slowly in the distance for a little while as the entire world is found in one being.

And later we will play, yes yes of course we will play and interact and drink big glasses of wine and stare at stars and enjoy rich company that sparkles with joy — but in the beginning let us drown.

Not drown in a way that is suffocating, but in a way that we are taking gulps of freedom we didn’t believe could be found in togetherness.

Let us synch our hearts to beat to the same rhythm. Let us find freedom in how deeply we choose one another. Let our falling in love be like the exhale to the inhale we didn’t know we were choosing.

I do not want you to poke at me shyly, I want your hands to grab the flesh of my heart and swallow it whole.

I want to feel the entire presence of your being inside of me, while I sleep, when I first open my eyes — I want the worlds and planets to square in the rotation of our connection.

And I don’t wish you to fear this, I wish for every molecule of your being to not be able to withhold from throwing your foot behind mine.

This is how I want to be wanted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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