Woman Discovers Husband Is Raping Her In Her Sleep, Then Finds Out What’s In His Video Collection

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Marriage isn’t a license for free sex whenever you want it and it certainly isn’t a license for sex with the sleeping. In 2013, 26-year-old Sarah Tetley woke one night to find her husband was molesting her, so she called the cops and had him arrested.

Afterwards, the police presented Sarah with another shock. She’d been raped in her sleep at least 316 times and it was all on videotapes they’d since discovered.

“In a couple of the videos I watched you couldn’t hear me breathing and I didn’t really appear to be moving at all. I did look like I was dead in some of them.”

“A lot of the videos weren’t just of him but of household objects and things he would decide to do with those. It was quite disturbing.”

That’s right, her husband had been raping her in her sleep for two years and videotaping it. He’d even been using *shudder* household objects. Charlie has since pleaded to 26 counts of rape and assault and is serving a 12-year prison sentence.

Tetley says she’s only coming forward now in the hopes that it will encourage others in abuse relationships not to wait it out but to come forward and report.

‘If in anyway you’re being abused you should tell someone – even if it’s just mentally – whatever kind of abuse it is,’ she said. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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