Celebrities Heartbreaking And Emotional Responses To Honor A Friend, Robin Williams

The above is Robin signing autographs for a charity called Autograph Pros to be sold in order to generate money to donate to charities. Amazing what a pen can do in the right hands.

At this point it’s difficult to overstate just how much of a treasure Robin Williams was to so many people. At 63 he’d made it through addiction and had seemingly been able to get a handle on his bipolar disorder, an accomplishment as impressive as any performance he’d given. To many, including myself, he seemed like the grand old man of comedy, having touched every movie genre in existence and excelling every time. Comedy? Easy. Drama. Yup. Children’s fantasy? Absolutely. Thrillers. Definitely. He’d become a favorite of an entire generation of young people and in return he’d used that status to cheer sick children at St. Jude’s Hospital where the kids suffered from the most cruel of diseases at a time when they should have been running and shouting out in the sunshine. And he did other charitable work through Comic Relief, Livestrong, and other organizations. He gave back and this from a guy who’d not only made a lot of money but had actually been born to a wealthy family.

Below is an extensive but in no way exhaustive collection of tweets from some of his peers and celebrity admirers. I don’t think I can recall such a uniform outpouring over one person in the past. Well done, Robin, your life made an impression on more people than you could possibly know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


featured image – YouTube

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