With All Of Me, I Hope You Have Hope

With All Of Me, I Hope You Have Hope

With all of me, I hope you move forward with hope.

I hope you find hope inside your heart, because it is there no matter what you may bare. I hope you pray with passion to the heaven that exists in your entire being when you feel blinded by confusion. I hope you trust in all of your capabilities, because your capabilities are endless. I hope you open your heart wider than golden gates. I hope you surrender. Surrender to the journey your soul is on. Flow with it. You are an open ocean – waving, crashing, rising, giving life to all life around you. Thank you for being you.

Your journey is an open ocean. When you close your eyes and see yourself, I hope you see your horizon. I hope you see the endless, breathless beauty of who you are.

You are making it to the horizon of your ocean. Maybe, actually, you’ve been walking along your horizon this whole time. Maybe, actually, you’re not sinking, you’re sailing.

I hope you open your heart to possibility. When you are fearful of your future and doubt your abilities, I hope you hold on. Possibility means something is unknown – but there is chance connected to the outcome. Possibility means there is always hope.

I hope you repeat that you are climbing a mountain that has never been touched, but you are making it to the top. You are making it to the top of your personal mountain and you can climb. Even when it hurts, you’re climbing and that is strength.

With all of me, if you lose hope, I hope you fall to your hands and knees and repeat like a broken-hearted-record that this is not the end of your journey.

If you lose hope, I hope you place your hands on your heart and say, “Thank you for keeping me alive, precious beating heart.” 

With all of me, I believe in you. I may be a stranger, but all souls exist from the same Love and that Love connects us. We are connected. We are in this together. I believe in you. Remind someone you believe in them if you read this.

I hope you hold your past tightly in your hands, but then through focused thought, see yourself releasing it. Release the heartaches, the regrets, the traumas, the memories. They may come up again, but with every release they disintegrate more.

You will come to a moment where you realize your past doesn’t hold you anymore. And you will cry. And you will notice a new you. Maybe this moment has already happened and you don’t even know it. Healing is never as far as it seems. Maybe it’s happening right now. A new you is becoming.

Reflect for a moment.


Now breathe forward holding hope in your hands. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Jacqueline Whitney is the author of Beyond Worthy, a collection of poetry that offers hope and reassurance for those questioning whether they’ll ever truly be okay.

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