These Chilling Text Messages Show Exactly What It’s Like To Be In An Abusive Relationship

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Imgur user  recently shared text messages from an abusive relationship that have gone viral.

She tells her story in an almost colloquial tone, describing it as her “domestic violence tale, yadda, yadda, yadda.” She explains that she isn’t looking for sympathy or attention, but just trying to find some degree of closure:

“I just wanted to share for possibly some closure since I never really got that. Strangers on the internet are better than keeping it inside for so long. And if you hate my story I just lose some fake points anyway.”

 says her marriage started off great, but once she lost some weight and went back to work, her husband Adam became abusive. He would try to control her every move, forcing her to “prove” that she was where she said she was.

Imgur / krissykross

He also assumed that she was cheating on him with any other man she had any sort of contact with:

Imgur / krissykross

Tony was just a random co-worker who helped krissykross changed her tire one single time.

Imgur / krissykross
Imgur / krissykross

Here she threatens to tell her mother about everything Adam has done. She explains everything, saying:

I visit my mother one every couple years. I had a huge bruise on my arm from where my husband had bit me, leaving visible teeth marks. The bruise was so bad it hung around for almost a month. Long enough for a visit to my mothers and to still be photographed by NCIS when I finally turned him several weeks later.

Imgur / krissykross

He even demands that she send photo proof that she is with her mother, because for some reason Adam just assumes she is lying.

Imgur / krissykross

The background to all the horrifying text messages is below:

My ex-husband was a kind, loving man. That is, until I lost weight (at 5’3″ and over 200lbs, it was sort of necessary.) I then got a job. Suddenly I was cheating, I lost weight to get men, I couldn’t buy clothes that fit me after the 80 pounds lost because it showed off my body.

He hit me and sexually assaulted me. He waited outside my work for whole shifts, not telling me if he was carrying the Beretta M9 he had purchased recently. I wanted to go out with two (female) coworkers for my 23rd birthday. I told him weeks in advance and when the time came he punched me in the face and slammed my head into the floor, only leaving me alone because he had duty that evening. I tried to go to the police in the middle of the night, he tailgated me the whole way. I tried to talk to his parents and they told me it was normal in a young marriage and I should reassure him. His father is a pastor in Tennessee and holds this belief.

Her ex-husband eventually served 8 months for his abusive behavior. As for KrissyKross, she says that she’s doing great.

This isn’t really a sob story; I’m really proud of what I’ve done on my own. […] I save these text messages to remind myself how far I’ve come, not to cry over.

Everyone deserves so much more than an abusive relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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