This Guy Live-Tweeted Everything That Happened After His Roommate Murdered Her Boyfriend In Their Apartment

Twitter / @chaserojo
Twitter / @chaserojo

Ah, roommates. You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them (at least until you get that big raise, that is).

However awful your roommate horror story is, it probably isn’t as bad as the one Twitter user @chaserojo has for the world.

He starts with this not-so-casual tweet:

To be honest, what the fuck do you say in this situation? It’s especially awkward if you don’t even know your roommate that well.

His live-tweeting continues:

And apparently the authorities put him up in a hotel room, as his apartment is now, well…a crime scene.

The next day, he makes this awkward revelation to the Twitter-verse:

I mean, they can’t seriously expect people to watch their roommates’ calendars? At the same time though, it would’ve been a really lucky thing to see.

And, unfortunately, the house is still a crime scene.

And he reveals that he is permanently NOPEing out.

Not before being forced to see the actual bullet hole in the wall, though.

He is now wondering what kind of documentation he has to provide to get an excused absence from class because of all this horrific drama:

Maybe just show the professor all the news articles? TC mark

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