This Girl Got Scolded For Her ‘Bad Habit’, But The Truth Was Much More Hilarious

Twitter / @sarahholderr
Twitter / @sarahholderr

Sarah Moore was just minding her own business when a very bizarre text slipped into her inbox.

She had just gotten home from a drive, and apparently someone thought they saw something inappropriate as she passed their house:

via Twitter
via Twitter

Her neighbor Randy was outside mowing the grass when he saw Sarah drive by. He was pretty damn sure he saw her smoking in the car. Randy quickly told Amy ALL about Sarah lighting up a “cigar” while cruising through their family friend neighborhood. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t quite get the story right:

via Twitter
via Twitter

The message was “read,” but no word on whether Amy — or Randy for that matter — ever replied.

Sarah tweeted about the humorous moment on Twitter, where everyone quickly started laughing their asses off.

And people immediately began offering their own thoughts about the situation. Most of them seem to not like Randy very much.

We’re all rooting for Sarah to get a lifetime supply of taquitos out of this. TC mark

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