Trump Should Read This Moving Note President George HW Bush Wrote Bill Clinton After Losing

Flickr / Esther
Flickr / Esther

In last night’s Presidential Debate, Republican nominee Donald J. Trump refused to say whether he would accept the results of the election (assuming he loses).

His statement is shocking and pretty much unprecedented in United States politics. Our tradition of democracy has allowed for the peaceful transition of power across parties dozens upon dozens of times — including in the year 1992.

In the 1992 election, incumbent President George H.W. Bush lost his bid for re-election to President Bill Clinton. President Bush, did not, however, throw a tantrum or refuse to accept the result. He respected the voters’ decision, and wrote this heartfelt note to the man who bested him.

Take a look:

via Imgur
via Imgur

Plain text version:

Dear Bill,

When I walked into this office just now I felt the same sense of wonder and respect that I felt four years ago. I know you will feel that, too.

I wish you great happiness here. I never felt the loneliness some Presidents have described.

There will be very tough times, made even more difficult by criticism you may not think is fair. I’m not a very good one to give advice; but just don’t let the critics discourage you or push you off course.

You will be our President when you read this note. I wish you well. I wish your family well.

Your success is now our country’s success. I am rooting for you.

Good luck,


This gracious note does not signal bitterness or resentment at his loss. It shows integrity and honor from a man who respects democracy more than he cares about his personal success. Donald J. Trump would do well to look at President George HW Bush as a model. TC mark


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  • hocuspocus13

    Actually Trump’s stance on that has been very well received by the American people whose opinions are the only things that matters

    Based upon the Wikileaks DNC/HILLARY CAMPAIGN emails


    James O’Keefe under cover video

    Hillary’s campaign has been active in paying rioters to disrupt Trump rallies

    And actively promoting and implementing voter fraud

    Anyone who would just accept a loss to a group like that would be labeled a fool

    You should write about how at last night’s debate the blathering Hillary Clinton gave out to the World the USA’s nuclear time response of “4 minutes”

    The Pentagon is furious because that information is top secret

    Now ask yourself…

    Are you absolutely sure you want to vote for Hillary Clinton?

  • Marc Winger

    Gore didn’t accept the 2001 election results.

  • Jnana Hodson

    An amazing note, revealing an unsuspected side of the man. Trump has none of that character.

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    […] Trump Should Read This Moving Note President George HW Bush Wrote Bill Clinton After Losing […]

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