This Person Who Hates Their Landlord Just Posted The Most Hilarious Craigslist Ad Ever

Sometimes landlords suck.

Sometimes you have the opportunity to get even. But sometimes, you have to make the opportunity for yourself.

That is what happened when an unknown hero, by the screen name Frankie619, posted this ad to Craigslist:


People thought the offer was hysterical, and a few honorable souls even volunteered to do it. But unfortunately there was a snag, as the original poster clarified in an edit to their original post:

UPDATE: Unfortunately, neighbor informed me that she had the town turn the spot into a handicap spot, and I’m pretty sure she’s using a handicap sticker from someone that had already passed away (she has no disabilities). Appreciate all the responses and suggestions!!

Tragic, but still hilarious. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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