I Hope You Know That You Will Find Yourself Again

I hope you know that regardless of how you feel right at this exact moment, you will find yourself again. In all of the moments where you can’t fathom being loved again, in the times where you can’t imagine moving forward, I hope you know that you will find the light that you are craving.

I hope you know that you can love again, and I hope you know that you deserve good love. 

You deserve a love that is kind and reassuring, a love that stays. You deserve a love that will carry you through life, through every song, and through every phase. I hope you know how brave you are for giving your heart to the world in honor of love. You are so brave for choosing love, in a world that usually chooses hate.

You are so brave for choosing vulnerability when the easiest choice would be to give up. You are so brave for putting your heart into others, even when you didn’t know the outcome. You are so brave for fighting to find yourself again.

I hope you know that it is hard to love yourself in a world that begs you to tear yourself apart. I hope you know that it takes a lot of bravery to tell yourself that you will go against the impossible checkmarks that have been placed upon you. I hope you know that sometimes we have to learn to love ourselves differently. Sometimes we have to learn to love ourselves for our pasts, for our trials, for our strength, for our souls. Sometimes we have to completely re-write the way that we love ourselves.

In the coming weeks, I hope you find quiet moments to love yourself, and to find yourself. Moments where you have simple victories, Moments where you take a step into the darkness, Moments where you understand more about who you are. I hope you know that loving yourself isn’t a formula, and it is more than just being a body and a mind. Loving yourself requires wrapping yourself up in grace, and forgiveness, and offering yourself never-ending self-compassion. Loving yourself starts, and ends with making your heart a safe place to land. Loving yourself is complete when you choose vulnerability over safety.

Loving yourself begins, and ends with celebrating yourself. So, celebrate.

Wrap yourself in grace, and thank your heart for bringing you here. Dance with your demons, and pursue the things that set your soul on fire. Never give up on the people, and places that you believe in, and fight for the things that matter most. Teach yourself, how to love yourself. Rewrite your story, and change the lies that society has told you. At the end of each day, come home to yourself.

I hope along the way that you will always choose vulnerability over safety. I hope you will always choose to be real, over not being exactly who you are. I hope you know how important your love is. I hope you know that your love is light, and strength, and grace. I hope you know that the way that you love is completely unique and completely beautiful. I hope you give yourself the chance to try again. I hope you look to your past with the understanding, that even the darkest moments have made you love bigger.

Most importantly, I hope you never stop loving,

I hope you make your home with the ones who stay. I hope you give your heart to the ones that stay. The ones who see you for you, and the ones that recognize all of your light. I hope you know that even when it seems like all of the pieces are crumbling, They may actually be rebuilding, and this rebuilding may just change you forever.

In this rebuilding of your own self-love, you will find yourself again.

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