I Am Like The Ocean
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I Am Like The Ocean

I think that what makes the ocean so beautiful
is how she refuses to show all of her glory on one occasion
She has many characteristics which are necessary to encounter
before one can truly appreciate her
She is calm & gentle
She is rough & unforgiving
& it is because of this I find myself to be beautiful
See, I too refuse to show all of my glory on one occasion

Because I am not the shallow pool in which you often swim
You cannot see the bottom of me
you cannot know the depths of my soul
by simply wallowing in my waters
I am not meant to be understood in a day
in a month
in a year
or maybe ever

I am an ocean
If you wish to know anything at all
you will have to dive into waters you know not their depth
You will feel empowered swimming through colorful reefs
& humbled as you encounter dark abysses
It might not be easy, but it will be beautiful
& you don’t get to see the bottom of me
without swimming through all of me
You can’t claim to know me
if you don’t have the courage to try TC mark


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