X Types Of People Who Will Burn You Out

9 Types Of Toxic People Who Will Burn You Out

The people you surround yourself with will impact your mood. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re expending your energy on the right people. Here are a few types of humans who will burn you out if you spend too much time in  their orbit:

1. People who take without giving anything in return. You shouldn’t be the only one putting effort into your friendships and romantic relationships. You shouldn’t be the only person who offers assistance and reaches out to check on others. They should be returning the favor. They should treat you as well as you always treat them.

2. People who make the same mistakes over and over again. Even if this person isn’t hurting you with their mistake, it’s frustrating to watch someone ignore your advice and continue down the same spiral. You’re going to get exhausted listening to their complaints about the same issues when they aren’t doing anything to change their situation.

3. People who accuse you of overreacting when you share your feelings. You should feel comfortable expressing your thoughts and concerns to your loved ones. If someone makes you feel stupid over your emotions, they aren’t giving you the respect you deserve. They aren’t behaving in the way that a true friend would.

4. People who expect you to read their minds. Communication is an important part of any type of relationship. You can’t always guess what’s wrong when someone shuts you out. If they expect you to bend over backward to make them happy, then they’re asking too much from you — especially when they wouldn’t do the same in return.

5. People who are magnets for drama. You should be excited to connect with your friends and family members. You shouldn’t be dreading your reunion because you know they’re going to start drama during the night. Remember, you don’t need to waste your energy on people who are determined to cause trouble everywhere they go.

6. People who refuse to take no for an answer. Your loved ones should understand the meaning of no. If you aren’t interested in going out or drinking one night, they shouldn’t push you until you change their mind. They should respect your decision without making you feel guilty or weird.

7. People who demand every second of your attention. Although quality time together is important, spending time apart is important, too. You shouldn’t feel guilty whenever you’re hanging out with other people or working or taking some time for yourself. Even when you love someone, you aren’t able to be there for them. every second of every day.

8. People who constantly spout lies. It’s hard to maintain a relationship with someone. who only gives you half the story. If someone is lying to you about the little things, you’ll never be able to trust them. You’ll never know whether they’re being authentic or whether it’s only another lie.

9. People who expect you to be someone you’re not. There’s no point in playing pretend. If someone is unable to love the real you, then you should move on. Don’t hide bits and pieces of yourself in order to impress them. Stay true to yourself. Respect yourself. Love yourself.

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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