When You're Scared About Your Future, Remind Yourself The Present Matters More

When You’re Scared About Your Future, Remind Yourself The Present Matters More

When you’re scared about your future, remind yourself that there’s no possible way to know what’s going to happen to you tomorrow. You can never predict the right move, you can never be one-hundred percent sure you’re making the right decision, which is why you need to follow your heart. You need to choose the path that will make you happiest, because the path you believe is the safest might not be safe after all. You might as well listen to your gut. You might as well take the risk that makes you the most excited.

When you’re scared about your future, remind yourself the only thing you can really control is your present. You can make good choices today to increase your chances of succeeding tomorrow. You can start taking little steps toward completing your goals. Being productive in small ways, for even ten or twenty minutes per day, might not seem like a big deal — but all of the effort you put into your goals is going to add up. It’s going to pay off. You just need to stay consistent. You need to pour your heart and soul into whatever you are hoping to accomplish. You cannot keep procrastinating. You cannot wait until tomorrow to start what you should’ve begun yesterday.

When you’re scared about your future, take a look at your past. You’ve made mistakes, but you survived. You’ve embarrassed yourself, but you survived. You’ve lost people, but you survived. Every single thing you’ve been through in the past, you have endured. And you have what it takes to endure tomorrow, too. After everything you have been through up until this point, you should feel confident you’re going to get through anything life throws at you in the future.

Of course, you shouldn’t assume the worst. You shouldn’t be terrified about what is waiting around the corner. There could be something great right outside of your reach. You could be headed toward something beautiful. That’s why you need to keep going. You can never give up.

When you’re scared about your future, remember you’re not the only one with those types of worries. No one has their life completely figured out. Even the people who seem like they know everything have moments when they question whether they’re on the right path. They aren’t as put together as they seem on social media. They aren’t as far ahead of you as you might think.

But you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to them anyway. Their path is not your path. You are meant to hit different milestones at different times. Getting there earlier doesn’t make them superior to you. It just means they’re on a separate track. You can’t let their accomplishments discourage you. If anything, they should encourage you.

When you’re scared about your future, remember planning is important, having hopes and dreams is important, but you need to think about today first. You need to focus on what you can be doing to better yourself right now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark