The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Should Stay Single This May

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Should Stay Single This May

Virgos should stay single in May.

You have a lot going on in your life at the moment. It’s not overdramatic to say you don’t have time for a relationship right now.

Even though a relationship sounds nice in theory, it’s not practical. You have enough on your plate already. You can’t imagine finding the time or the energy to plan dates and take romantic getaways. You barely have enough time to sleep.

At the end of each workweek, you’re drained. You aren’t in the right mindset for a relationship. You don’t want to end up hurting someone you care about on accident. You don’t want to neglect them because you’re too preoccupied with work.

This May, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything by staying single. You won’t have enough spare time to feel lonely. You’re always going to be moving around, swamped with chores, too busy to think straight.

Soon, you’ll be in a place where entering a relationship makes sense — but not right now. Not this month.

Scorpios should stay single in May.

You’ve been falling for the wrong people lately. Your tastes need to change if you want to stop getting strung along and enter a strong, serious relationship.

Since there’s no one around good enough for you around, you should stay single. You should stop texting exes. You should stop chasing almosts. You should stop accepting less than you deserve.

Even though it’s almost summertime and you keep seeing happy couples swarming around you, that doesn’t mean you should rush into a relationship. Believe it or not, you’ll be much happier on your own than you would be with the toxic people you’ve had your eye on recently.

Do yourself a favor and stay single this May. Wait until you meet someone worthy of your love. In the meantime, enjoy your me time.

Geminis should stay single in May.

You’re on a journey of self-discovery. You’re in the process of dealing with loss, with change, with growth. You’re in the middle of a major transformation.

Even though you’re desperate for love, you need to focus on self-love first. You shouldn’t let anyone interrupt your process of renewal.

Instead of swiping through dating apps this May, you should make a point to spend time with yourself. Give yourself the space and the freedom to figure out who you are. Set fresh goals. Rediscover your passion. Decide what you want from this world and what you will not stand for any longer.

If you’re being completely honest with yourself, you’re not entirely sure what you want out of a relationship right now. You’re not sure what type of person fits you best. You’re not even sure if you’re ready to commit to anyone at this stage in your life.

You should stay single this May as you sort out your priorities, your hopes, your dreams, your strengths, your worries. You should learn to love yourself before you search for someone else to pour your love into. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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