12 Things You Should Consider Strengths, Not Flaws

1. Your vulnerability.

Crying in front of others, freely expressing your emotions does not mean you are weaker than the people surrounding you. It means you are stronger. It takes courage to deal with your emotions head-on instead of pushing them down into your chest. You should be proud of your vulnerability. You should embrace it.

2. Caring too much.

Even though this causes you to get hurt all too often, you should never be ashamed of being a thoughtful, kind human being. You should care about the well-being of others. You should care about whether your loved ones are doing okay. You should care about more than just yourself. You are not wrong for caring too much. Other people are wrong for looking the other way.

3. Growing attached easily.

Even though this might have led to quite a few heartbreaks, this means you see the best in everyone. You wear your heart on your sleeve. You leap into the unknown.

4. Coming on too strong.

There are too many people in this world who censor themselves out of fear of seeming clingy. But you are authentic. You are enthusiastic. You make others feel good about themselves because you never hold back your compliments. You spread love instead of suffocating it.

5. Your high expectations.

You are always pushing yourself harder. You are always taking steps forward. You are never satisfied with what you have accomplished, which is why you are in a constant state of growth.

6. Your introversion.

The more time you spend alone, the better you get to know yourself. That is an important step toward reaching success in your love life and career.

7. Loving too loud.

Some people are never going to appreciate how much you do for them — but the right person is going to feel honored to have you in their world. They will admire your soft heart. They will be proud to show you off.

8. Your ‘nerdiness’.

If you were made fun of when you were younger for being a nerd, you are the one laughing now. What other people consider nerdy you should consider intelligent.

9. Your forgiveness.

Sometimes you forgive the wrong people. Sometimes your second chances backfire on you. However, your willingness to forgive is a good thing because you can learn to forgive yourself. You can move on from your dark past and into a brighter future.

10. Your small circle of friends.

You value quality over quantity. You only have a few friends but they are the kind of friends who would do anything for you. They are the kind of friends who will support and encourage you to reach your full potential.

11. Your transparency.

You should not aspire to be the kind of person who lies to the world and lies to yourself. It’s a good thing you are open. It’s a good thing you are honest about your desires and your dreams.

12. Your weirdness.

You are unique. You are one of a kind. You aren’t boring and predictable. You are your own beautiful, badass person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark