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Be The Girl Who Cares Too Much

Be the girl who makes her feelings obvious. The girl who gives compliments. The girl who sends risky texts. The girl who never holds herself back because she doesn’t want to end up with any regrets or with an ache in her stomach from bottling up her emotions.

Be the girl who lets her guard down. The girl who puts herself out there. The girl who takes leaps for love. The girl who knows she could end up having her heart broken but takes the risk anyway.

Be the girl with a soft side. Be a romantic. Be the kind of person who saves ticket stubs from movies and screenshots texts to look back on when she is feeling lonely. Be the girl who remembers birthdays and favorite ice cream flavors. Be the girl who pays close attention because acting disinterested would take too much energy.

Be the girl who doesn’t pay any attention to the rules of dating. The girl who tells someone when she is interested. The girl who double texts when she has something important to say. The girl who admits she misses boys instead of sending mixed signals and playing hard to get.

Be the girl who reaches out. The girl who sends the first text. The girl who checks in on her friends when she hasn’t heard from them in a while. The girl who asks, “Are you okay?” and wants to hear a genuine answer instead of the easy answer.

Be the girl who goes out of her way to do favors for her loved ones. The girl who everyone knows they can rely on because she would drive for miles to help someone in need. Be the girl who has a big heart. The girl who cares about others as much as she cares about herself.

Be the girl who expresses her emotions. The girl who isn’t afraid of being labeled as overemotional. The girl who is comfortable crying out in the open because she would rather have the rest of the world see her truth than play pretend.

Be the girl who considers herself vulnerable. The girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. The girl who says what she is thinking without censoring herself because she doesn’t think lies are going to do her any good.

Be the girl who loves without restraint. The girl who follows her heart. The girl who chases after her deepest desires. Be the girl who doesn’t care whether she is coming on too strong or seeming overly clingy because she is staying true to herself.

Be the girl who cares too much, even though it makes her an easy target. Even though some people might take advantage of her. Even though it would be so much easier not to care at all.

Be the girl who is proud of her transparency. The girl who never apologizes for being too honest, too caring, too much. Be the girl who knows her authenticity is a good thing, something to be proud of, not something to change. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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