Maybe There’s No Such Thing As Wrong Timing, Just People Who Don't Want To Try

Your Forever Person Is Going To Hurt You

You might think your forever person is someone who would never hurt you, someone who would never make you upset or cause you to shed a single tear — but that is complete bullshit.

Your forever person is not some flawless saint. It is not someone incapable of making mistakes or causing you hurt.

Your forever person is going to hurt you. They are going to be the reason that you cry on some nights. Occasionally, they are going to be the reason why you have trouble falling asleep because you are so damn angry.  

Your forever person is bound to fuck up eventually — but the difference between your forever person and all of your toxic exes is that your forever person will apologize and mean it. When they hurt you, they will feel like shit. Your pain will become their pain, just like your happiness becomes their happiness.

When they mess up, they will do everything within their power to set things right with you. They won’t promise to change and fail to follow through. They won’t say sorry without any authenticity behind the word. They will put in effort to make it up to you. They will not stop until you feel okay again.

Your forever person will own up to their mistakes instead of trying to turn the situation around and place the blame on you. They will not try to shift their guilt onto you. They will take ownership over their actions. They will handle conflict in a mature manner.

The last thing in the world your forever person wants is to see you cry — especially when they are the reason behind those tears. But they are only human. There are going to be times when they say the wrong thing or use the wrong tone. When they raise their voice on accident or roll their eyes at what you’ve said.

And when that happens, your forever person is someone you will choose to forgive because you know they never meant you any harm. Because, even though they might have forgotten to wash the dishes or made a snide comment beneath their breath, they never did anything truly unforgivable. They never broke your trust beyond repair or gave you a good reason to walk away without glancing back.

As long as they do not make hurting you a habit, you can accept what happened and move forward together, as a team.

Your forever person is only human, which means they are not always going to do the right thing, but they are always going to try to do the right thing. They are going to work their hardest to love you the way you deserve because the thought of losing you is too much for them to take.

Your forever person is someone who messes up from time to time, who accidentally gets you upset every once in a while, but always finds a way to restore your faith in them. Someone who earns your forgiveness each and every time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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