What It Means To Make Your Girlfriend A Priority

Making your girlfriend a priority doesn’t mean revolving your world around her. It doesn’t mean bailing on your friends and missing work and abandoning the hobbies you used to love. It doesn’t mean giving up your entire life in order to make room for her.

Making your girlfriend a priority means showing up for dates early instead of leaving her waiting because you value her time. It means answering her messages as soon as you get the chance because you have been dying to hear from her. It means planning out her presents weeks before Valentine’s Day instead of waiting until the last second to grab a card and the first flowers you find.

Making your girlfriend a priority means texting her first thing in the morning to let her know you are thinking of her. It means giving her a phone call to hear her voice because you haven’t seen her in a while. It means inviting her over for the holidays because you want your entire family to meet her. It means clearing your schedule when she tells you an important event is coming up and she wants you to be there. It means following through on the promises you make her instead of changing your mind.

Making your girlfriend a priority means planning dates based around her favorite activities because you have been paying attention to what she wants. It means noticing when she stares at something in the mall for a little too long and surprising her with it on her birthday. It means memorizing the names of her best friends and coworkers so you can follow along with every story she tells instead of just nodding along.

Making your girlfriend a priority means making room in your bathroom for her makeup and tampons. It means keeping her favorite snacks in your kitchen cabinets. It means asking if she wants to come along with you to a concert or a certain movie instead of assuming she wouldn’t be interested. It means actively involving her in your world instead of only asking her over when you have nothing better to do.

Making your girlfriend a priority means remaining loyal to her. It means deleting your dating apps because she is the only one you want to message. It means choosing to watch Netflix with her instead of party all weekend. It means being honest with her about your emotions instead of bottling everything inside. It means allowing her to see the raw, unfiltered side of you most people are shielded from.

Making your girlfriend a priority means complimenting her about the pieces of herself she considers ‘flaws’. It means cheering her up when she has endured a rough day. It means uplifting her when she needs encouragement. It means standing up for her whenever someone disrespects her. It means loving her as much as you love yourself.

Making your girlfriend a priority means actually giving a shit about her well-being. It means putting effort into making her smile every single day, because nothing makes you happier than seeing her happiness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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