30 Almost Effortless Gestures Your Boyfriend Wishes You Would Do More

If you want to make your boyfriend feel special, remember to do these tiny little things mentioned on Ask Reddit.

1. Place your head on his chest

“Put your head on my chest. game over. you win. you get whatever you want.” — r_kagerousan

2. Offer him a back massage

“I like being touched. So anytime wife offers to give me a back massage or just sit and scratch on me is awesome and I can’t ever get enough of it.” — EpicBlinkstrike187

3. Hug him from behind

“If our day gets hectic my wife will often drop whatever it is she’s doing and run up to me to hug me from behind to catch me off guard. She’ll hold me for a moment, kiss me and tell me she hasn’t looked at me enough today. In that moment, before we tell each other we’re in love with each other and separate, it feels like the world around us falls away and time stops. It’s beautiful and I melt every time she does it.” — delibertine

4. Randomly text him throughout the day

“Random texts asking about how I’m doing. Just about anything that shows me you care.” — ValorousVagabond

5. Be the big spoon

“I am a manly man and this is going to make me sound feminine but I don’t care what you guys think. I love it when my GF insists on being the big spoon, also when she wants me to put my head on her shoulders while watching TV, and the one that turns me on is when she kisses my back and rubs me arse It makes me feel wanted and safe with her.” — ElToreroo

6. Wrap your arm around him

“If I’m walking with a girl and she does the wrap her arms around my arm walk thing. It makes me feel so strong and amazing. Like I’m there simply to protect her and she feels completely safe with me. I love it.” — leaderweb

7. Pay attention to the little things

“Pay attention to the little things.

When we’d been dating a couple months, I mentioned to my girlfriend (now my wife) that I wanted a rabbit for a pet but couldn’t have one due to living situation. Three days later she surprised me with a stuffed rabbit (note: this was not around Easter so it was a pain in the ass to find), gave me a kiss, and told me she hoped it would be a good place holder.” — IOnceWasLegend

8. Make eye contact with him

“When a girl looks up at you while cuddling. Girls don’t really realize they do it at all. The girl I have recently started seeing did it to me last night and my heart melted.” — Fellow_Watermelon

9. Show him you value his time

“Not playing games. I’m all for good flirting and seduction, but show me that you value my time and you’ve gone a long way towards winning me over.” — StrikerC

10. Dance with him

“Joining in if I’m humming or whistling.

Pulling me away from what I’m doing to dance with me.

Putting strange decorations on the table (in secret) when I’m in the kitchen making us food.

Waking me up with their face painted like a cute mouse and trying to nibble at me very mouse like.

Acting out some silly pretend scenario and trying to get me to play along.

Drawing me a picture/making art for me.

Convincing me it’s ok to cry, that they see vulnerability and emotion as a strength, not a weakness.

Taking the time to talk through something without getting angry. Knowing we are both just trying to connect and understand each other.” — pixeltarian

11. Compliment him

“My girlfriend does a good job of letting me know how much I mean to her. She’ll send me a text telling me I’m attractive. When we’re together she will tell me she feels safe in my arms. When I do something nice for her she makes sure to thank me. Making me feel wanted is a simple thing but it means the world to me.” — Yeah_Mr_Jesus

12. Act playful with him

“Just a playful smile or anything playful in general. This girl jokingly sprayed perfume on me, she pretended it wasn’t her and gave the warmest smile I’ve ever seen. I’m in love with her.” — FoxehTehFox

13. Let him pick the movie

“Wanting to watch a movie that you like that may not be in their wheelhouse. It shows that they want to get a glimpse of what you’re into.” — justlikememes

14. Kiss him in the middle of a sentence

“Kiss me mid sentence.” — woobboomooboo

15. Sing with him

“When she karaokes with me in the car. Like she sings really loud with me. ” — Steph2145

16. Kiss him on a forehead

“An unexpected kiss on the forehead, especially when I’m not feeling so well.” — UmbraLockhart

17. Engage in his hobbies

“Go out of her way to learn about something I am interested in that she may not be, science, video games and so on.” — kfmw77

18. Ruffle his hair

“I’ve had women AND men do this to me – When they gently ruffle your hair, running their fingers through them, and patting it like you would on a dog’s head. The cuddliest feeling ever.” — BirdsOfHell

19. Encourage him to pursue his dreams

“My fiancée has gone to hundreds of shows for numerous bands that I had been a part of and has always sincerely encouraged me in my efforts. For 10 years. It’s always kept me positive and feeling absolutely loved.” — jdumm06

20. Hide notes inside his pockets for him to find

“I am currently out of my own country working and my girlfriend has hidden notes throughout my clothes, it fills me with such warmth whenever I find one and read it… Man I love her…” — Davorak945

21. Send him love letters

“When I had just started dating this girl, I took a business trip to a distant city. As I was checking into the hotel, the clerk said, ‘Oh, we have some mail for you’ and handed me an envelope containing a greeting card. It was from GF, telling me that she missed me already and couldn’t wait to see me when I returned.

She had asked where I would be staying just so she could pop this card in the mail a few days in advance and have it waiting there for me. That gave me a real glow.” — MyNSFWside

22. Wear his clothes

“Wear my jacket without me offering. A girl did this once and I swear my heart skipped a beat.” — Wedefec

23. Hold his hand

“Okay, so, maybe not quite what you’re looking for, but, after 10 years of marriage, the most romantic thing my wife does is touch me.

No, no, not like that, ya pervs. …well, okay, like that, too, but more importantly, I mean things like reaching out to hold my hand while we’re out somewhere. Or giving me a hug for no immediately apparent reason.

It’s like, with just a simple little thing like that, she shows me that she doesn’t just tolerate me, she’s actually still glad to be with me.” — superherowithnopower

24. Cook for him

“My girlfriend is a chef, and she makes awesome food. She doesn’t always want to cook when she comes home because she cooks at work all day, but she’ll make me dinner and put so much genuine care into making it taste amazing and it makes me melt.” — RavenMoses

25. Perform boring tasks with him

“If I take on a boring and long task, do it with me. We can have a long conversation. Bonus points if it’s about completely meaningless stuff. I’m having great flashbacks right now, thank you for the question!” — Pixel-Pig-YT

26. Joke around with him

“Joke around with me.

I really enjoy a good, witty banter, and am usually the one who keeps it going with one ridiculous thing after another, but when my wife joins in and keeps it rolling, or better yet beats me to the punch, I really enjoy that.” — Mr_Sassy_Basket

27. Play video games with him

“Resting her head on my shoulder while watching a movie together.

Also joining me in playing video games.” — RedderBarron

28. Hug him

“Just a genuine hug does it for me most of the time. I’m just too weak to those.” — Shattiiee

29. Place a warm towel in the dryer while he showers

“Taking a minor interest in my hobbies because they matter to me, so by extension they matter to her now too.

Also, every time I go to shower she puts a towel in the dryer for a few minutes so I can have a warm towel to dry off with. First time she did it I was speechless.” — AppealToReason16

30. Surprise him with food

“When we were first dating, my wife would come into my shop near the end of my 12 hour shift with corona bread, some other food and a huge hug. I couldn’t leave the shop for a moment, so more often than not that was the first food I’d had all day.

Yeah, I put a ring on that.” — 12thKnight Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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