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50 Stupidly Simple Ways I Tried To Show You I Liked You (Without Actually Saying It)

1. I dressed up whenever there was the smallest chance I would run into you.

2. I texted you first.

3. I double texted.

4. I always chose the seat closest to you.

5. I found any excuse to touch you.

6. I ‘accidentally’ sat with my legs or arms brushing against yours.

7. I hugged you for just a little too long.

8. I made dirty jokes.

9. I teased you constantly.

10. I made intense eye contact with you from across the room.

11. I ran my hands through your hair whenever you got a haircut.

12. I gave you my phone number.

13. I compared our hand sizes as an excuse to touch you again.

14. liked all of your Instagram photos.

15. I stayed up much later than I should have to talk to you.

16. I used the emoji with the heart eyes.

17. I kept reminding you I was single.

18. I remembered every little story you told me.

19. I posted Instagram photos with the hopes of impressing you.

20. I bought you food.

21. I complimented you on your hair.

22. I complimented you on your tattoos.

23. I complimented you on your cologne.

24. I started listening to your favorite bands.

25. I admitted when I missed you.

26. I kept asking you to hang out.

27. I answered your texts as quickly as possible.

28. I asked to borrow your sweatshirts.

29. I got nervous around you.

30. I laughed at all your stupid jokes.

31. I told all my friends about you.

32. I actually spoke to you over the phone instead of only texting.

33. I kept staring down at your lips.

34. I leaned in close while you were talking.

35. I sent you semi-inappropriate photos on snapchat.

36. I told you when little things reminded me of you.

37. I let you catch me staring at you.

38. I kept wearing the perfume you said you liked.

39. I asked if you were single.

40. I made sexual comments.

41. I acted annoyed whenever you mentioned another girl.

42. I kept finding excuses to spend more time with you.

43. I play fought with you as yet another excuse to touch you.

44. I told you everything about me.

45. I kept wearing the outfit you said you liked best on me.

46. I introduced you to my parents.

47. I shared my food with you.

48. I kept hinting at how I wanted you to take me on a date.

49. I treated you differently than everyone else.

50. I made my feelings obvious. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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