Stop Settling For These 50 Things If You Want To Find Authentic Love

Girl who is going to stop settling
Unsplash / Alina Grubnyak

1. Almost relationships.

2. One-sided relationships.

3. Relationships that only exist over text.

4. Mixed signals.

5. Unanswered texts.

6. Canceled plans.

7. Broken promises.

8. Relationships without labels.

9. Being used for sex.

10. Being strung along for months.

11. Excuses about how they are ‘not ready for a real relationship’.

12. Excuses about how their last relationship ‘really fucked them up’.

13. Liars.

14. Cheaters.

15. Narcissists.

16. Players.

17. One night stands when you secretly want more.

18. Booty calls.

19. Friends with benefits.

20. Hidden relationships with someone who already has a partner.

21. People who give you false hope.

22. People who give you fake apologies.

23. People who try to walk back into your life after hurting you.

24. Toxic relationships.

25. Being neglected.

26. Being ignored.

27. Being a second choice.

28. Being a backup plan.

29. Immaturity.

30. Drama.

31. Pointless arguments.

32. Bad tempers.

33. Selfishness.

34. Sexism.

35. Secrets.

36. Chasing after people who aren’t interested.

37. Staying hung up on exes who are long gone.

38. Being just friends

39. Emotional abuse.

40. Physical abuse.

41. Playing hard to get.

42. People who keep your relationship hidden.

43. People who are unable to see a good thing when it is standing in front of them.

44. People who think that they are out of your league and you are lucky to be near them.

45. People who refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes.

46. People who treat you well one day and then like shit the next day.

47. People who expect more from you than they are willing to give you.

48. People who leave when things get hard.

49. People who are untrustworthy and unreliable.

50. People who keep disappointing you again and again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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