Someone Like You Never Deserved Her Soft Heart

A girl with a soft heart
Unsplash / Almos Bechtold

You never deserved the eternal effort she put into your relationship. You never deserved the presents that she would handpick for you on holidays or your favorite cookies baking in the oven when you came home from work. You never deserved the little things she did for you since the first day you met up until the day that she finally decided to leave.

Someone like you — someone who thinks of himself first, someone who drinks to numb the pain, someone who lies without breaking eye contact — never deserved her soft heart. You never deserved the chance to break her into pieces. You never deserved a girl as good as her.

You were the worst possible choice for her — but she was the perfect fit for you. Whenever you came home late, she believed your lies about getting stuck at work or the traffic being bumper-to-bumper. Whenever her friends made comments about how you aren’t good enough for her, she would write it off as them being overly protective. Whenever you called her useless, she acted like it only happened because you were drunk and would forgive you in the morning.

Whenever she had a thought about leaving you, she would find a reason not to go through with it. Because she loved you too much. Because you really did seem sorry this time. Because she knew how much you cared deep down, even if you didn’t show it all the time.

She let you get away with murder, because she was sweet enough to trust you. She never doubted you when you received random texts at midnight or joked about other girls. She actually believed you when you told her that you loved her. She actually thought that your word was reliable, that you would follow through on your promise to stay with her (and only her) forever.

You took someone who was willing to give you the world, someone who would have done anything you asked, and treated her like an annoyance. You made her feel like she was never doing enough, even though there was literally nothing more she could do for you. She did everything for you.

She cooked dinners. She washed dishes. She planned dates. She planned vacations. She spent time with your friends. She spent time with your family. She bought you the sweetest, most sentimental gifts. She proved her love to you time and time again while you sat on your ass and complained.

But you took all of that for granted. And you’re going to regret that soon.

You never deserved a girl like her — and it might have taken her too long to realize that, but she has finally come to her senses. She is finally leaving. She is finally doing what is best for her instead of putting your needs first.

And soon, you are going to realize that you’ve lost everything. You are going to realize that no one else will ever treat you with as much kindness and respect as she did — because, honestly, you don’t deserve it. You never did. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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