I Love Myself For Losing You

Girl who loves herself
Unsplash / Mitch Walker

I love myself for keeping my standards high. For saying no to your unanswered texts, your canceled plans, your unspoken compliments. For deciding that, even though I’m imperfect, I deserve more than what you were willing to give me.

I love myself for standing my ground. For refusing to listen to your apologies, because as much as I wanted to believe them, I knew they were bullshit. I knew you were only saying what I wanted to hear. I knew you were never going to change. Not for me.

I love myself for putting my mental health in front of my relationship status. For not caring how it would look when my Facebook status changed. For not caring about the comments I would get when I was alone for the holidays again.

I love myself for letting go of the past. For moving forward without you. For realizing that, just because we have some happy memories together, that doesn’t mean that we are meant to stay together. That doesn’t mean that our futures are supposed to align.

I love myself for acting this mature. For saying goodbye instead of causing a scene. For cutting you out of my life instead of cursing you out. For letting you go instead of clinging on tightly as you kept pushing me away.

I love myself for doing the right thing instead of the easy thing. For admitting that I needed to make a change. For realizing that we were no longer enhancing each other’s lives and that I needed to do something about it.

I love myself for having such high self-esteem. For not completely breaking down over our story ending. For knowing that you are just one of many people I will love over my lifetime. For knowing that I’m going to find a healthier relationship someday. For knowing that I am not actually alone.

I love myself for choosing the selfish route. For not caring whether my absence would hurt you — because you already hurt me. You already had a chance. You already lost your privilege.

I love myself for growing into the kind of girl who would never stay in an unhealthy relationship. For refusing to accept less than I have earned. For knowing my own worth. For knowing who I am and what I need.

I love myself for finding the strength to walk away from someone like you. From someone I once imagined spending forever alongside. From someone I loved with all my heart. From someone who stopped regarding me with respect and started taking me for granted.

I love myself for embracing the single life. For spending more time with myself. For being unafraid of living on my own, of spending weekends on my own, of being happy on my own.

I love myself for losing you. I love myself for gaining my freedom, for getting my sanity back, for having another shot at love with someone who treats me better than you ever have. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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