Why Girls With Soft Hearts Come Across As Clingy

Girl With A Soft Heart
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Girls with soft hearts come across as clingy because they aren’t bound by the bullshit rules of modern dating. They don’t believe there is a certain amount of time they should wait in between texts. They are going to answer you as soon as they have the time.

They don’t believe it is cooler to act emotionless, to string someone along until it’s time to throw them away. They are going to make their intentions clear from the start and are hoping you’ll do the same.

Some people might call them desperate, but really, they just aren’t interested in guessing games. They would rather spell out how they feel for you, even if it turns out you feel differently. At least, that way, no one ends up with raised expectations that turn into disappointment.

Girls with soft hearts come across as clingy because they have learned to live in the moment. They have experienced death and breakups and betrayal, so they know that good things can be taken away in a heartbeat. They have come to terms with the fact that most loves don’t last a lifetime.

For that reason, they hold on tight to the things they care about the most. They don’t want to wait until tomorrow to text you or to tell you how much you mean to them, because there is no telling what will happen by then. They don’t want to throw their opportunity away and end up regretting it.

They would rather take the chance. The would rather wrench their heart open and show you what’s inside.

Girls with soft hearts come across as clingy because they choose to embrace their emotions instead of ignoring them. They would never pretend that their feelings for someone don’t exist. They would never act like they want nothing to do with you when they secretly think about you every second of the day.

Playing hard to get and sending mixed signals makes zero sense to them. The last thing they would want is to make the person who means the world to them feel worthless, confused, like they aren’t good enough. No, they would never purposely cause pain to someone who matters the most to them.

Girls with soft hearts come across as clingy because they continuously spread kindness to the people in their life. They never hesitate to hold you in a hug or tell you how much they care about you. They always send help when you need it and remind you that they are there to talk. They treat the people they love with unfiltered affection.

Girls with soft hearts come across as clingy because they are unafraid of wearing those hearts on their sleeve. When they have strong feelings for someone, they come right out and express them instead of holding themselves back. They are open and honest and authentic, even if that means there is a risk they will get hurt. Even if that means their soft heart will get squashed once again. TC mark


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