Date Someone You Feel Like You’ve Known Forever

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Date someone who you feel like you’ve known forever — but at the same time, you feel like time is flying when you’re around them. You can’t believe that hours have passed and it’s time to part ways for the night. You can’t believe that years have passed and you’re already approaching your next anniversary.

Date someone who can come close to reading your mind. Someone who knows you’re upset even though you’ve been faking a smile and are claiming you’re fine, because they notice that your body language is a little different than usual or you’re being a little more quiet than usual. Someone who knows exactly what your silent little looks and hand squeezes mean when you’re out in public together and can’t speak your mind aloud without offending anyone.

Date someone who knows you like the back of their hand. Someone who can name your top five bands and list out the names of all your cousins. Someone who knows which flavor of ice cream and which brand of cereal is your favorite. Someone who doesn’t have to ask you what you’re going to order at a restaurant, because they already know your answer.

Date someone who has spent so much time with you that they’ve started to pick up the little phrases that you say and inadvertently copy the movements you make. Someone who has learned what a beauty blender looks like and remembers which colors match, because they pay attention when you talk.

Date someone who knows every little thing about you, even the parts that you’re most ashamed of and insecure about, and still looks at you like you’re the perfect person. Someone who doesn’t give a damn about the dumb mistakes you’ve made in your past because they’re too busy looking toward the future with you.

Date someone who knows your childhood stories as well as you do. Someone who can list off the names of pets you’ve had and can name all of the people in your old family photographs. Someone who is actually interested in your history, because it’s what made you you, and they love you more than words can express.

Date someone who makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Someone who makes you feel like you’re beautiful just the way that you are. Someone who reminds you that you are more than enough.

Date someone who you wish you met earlier in life. Someone you wish you knew was out there back when you were young and depressed and deflated of hope. Someone you wish you knew was destined to enter your life as a teenager, because things would have been better knowing it would only be a matter of time until you were together.

Date someone who you feel like you’ve known forever because you feel safe and secure around them. When their arms are wrapped around you, you feel like nothing bad could ever happen. You feel like your happiness will last a lifetime. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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