13 Things You Should Know Before Falling In Love With A Creepy Girl

Creepy Girl
Unsplash / George Bohunicky

1. Halloween is her favorite holiday. And she won’t wait until the 31st to celebrate. The festivities last all throughout October, so expect to watch horror movies, creep through haunted houses, and help her pick out the perfect shade of blood to splash across her costume.

2. She will ask you unsettling, hypothetical questions. Would you still love me if I had my arm chopped off by a psychopath? Do you think you’d resort to cannibalism during the apocalypse? Don’t you think Amy from Gone Girl is a genius? 

3. She never flinches or hides her head in her hands during gruesome moments on medical shows or crime dramas. She’s seen dead and bloodied bodies before. She is desensitized by now.

4. Her Netflix queue contains a million true crime documentaries and her movie collection is filled with old Alfred Hitchcock films. She probably even has a copy of Troll 2 somewhere, because the only thing better than screaming at scary movies is making fun of the crappier ones.

5. Her browser history could get her arrested. She has a habit of looking through serial killers’ Wikipedia pages and researching the most discreet way to poison another person — not that she would ever need to use that information.

6. Her bookshelf is filled with Stephen King. Joe Hill. Chuck Palahniuk. Dean Koontz. Clive Barker. The horror greats.

7. She is going to laugh at the worst possible times. During funerals. During murder scenes in movies. When someone trips and falls. She isn’t a sadist, but sometimes it can look like she is.

8. Most of the time, she roots for the villain in the movie. Or she secretly has a crush on him.

9. Her bedroom looks normal at first glance — until you see her collection. Maybe she collects horror movie props. Or knives. Or taxidermy. But there’s definitely something in there that will gross you out if you have a weak stomach.

10. Even her music taste is creepy. Sure, she listens to love songs, but they’re usually about chests being torn open and blood spurting out. Gory lyrics are her favorite.

11. She makes disturbing jokes that some people find… distasteful. Her sense of humor is dark. Only certain people understand her jokes.

12. She is fascinated by the supernatural. Ghosts, tarot cards, psychics, voodoo — it all interests her. But whether or not she is brave enough to mess with those things is another story.

13. Even though she loves all things creepy, she has a soft side, too. She just doesn’t show it unless she is serious about someone. Unless she thinks you deserve every bloody piece of her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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