What You Should Never Do To A Girl You Actually Care About

Girl in bed
Unsplash / Chaz McGregor

Never hurt a girl you care about. Never make her feel like anything less than flawless.

Never leave her waiting. Never leave her sitting in a skintight dress with freshly shaved legs, waiting for you to show up on the date you’re twenty minutes late for. Never leave her with her phone resting on her bed, against her pillow, waiting for a text when it’s late at night and you should have answered her by then.

Never let the love become one-sided. Never listen to her I love yous and grunt out a response instead of saying the words back to her. Never accept the gifts that she gives you without ever handing her something of your own.

Never leave her with all of the chores. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink because you know she’s going to wash them and your clothes scattered across the floors because you are sure she’s going to pick them up for you. Never yell at her about the fridge being empty of groceries and expect her to do all the shopping for you.

Never act like she is a burden. Never make her feel like she is bothering you when she comes to you crying or with a valid complaint about the relationship. Never make her feel like she is too clingy when she asks for your help. Never turn your back to her when she needs you to wrap your arms around her.

Never treat her with disrespect, even when you’re in the middle of an argument and wish she would leave the room. Never flip her off. Never curse at her. Never insult her family or some other sensitive part of her, just to hit her where it hurts.

Never compare her to other girls. Never mention how you wish she would dress more like her attractive friend. Never drop hints about how she has been gaining weight and needs to lose it. Never mention all of the girls that you could be with instead of her.

Never tease her about the things she cares about the most. Never criticize her obsession with her favorite show. Never make fun of the tattoos that she chooses to get. Never insult her about the way that she gets excited over the small things. Never fault her for having a passion.

Never stop treating her the same way you did when you first met her. Never forget to compliment her when she emerges from the bathroom in the morning. Never forget to slap her on the butt when you pass her in the hallway or hold her hand when you sit side-by-side on the couch. Never forget to tell her how much she means to you, how lucky you feel to have her in your life.

Never take her for granted because you’re used to her being around. Never expect her to be there for you tomorrow, just because she was there yesterday. Never hold back your love because you’ve passed through the honeymoon stage and are bored of her. Never stop treating her the way that she deserves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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