This Is The Way Alpha Girls Pick Their Person

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Alpha girls pick their person by looking beneath the surface. By seeing how a boy treats them, by seeing what his values are, by seeing the way he handles himself in tough situations.

Alpha girls aren’t looking for someone to pamper them, to shower them with presents, to make them feel beautiful. They already feel beautiful. They already know their worth.

Alpha girls are searching for their equal, for someone they can call their best friend in between kisses. If they can’t consider their person a partner, then there’s no sense in dating.

They would rather be alone than in an unbalanced relationship. They would rather cultivate self-love than give all their love to someone who doesn’t appreciate it fully.

Alpha girls have sky-high standards, they demand respect. They aren’t going to go on a second date with someone who talks down to them. They aren’t going to tell you that they had a nice time and that they can’t wait to see you again, just to be polite, just to boost your ego.

If they don’t like you, you’ll know it right away. They aren’t shy. They never hide how they really feel. Their emotions are stamped across their faces.

Alpha girls always give their honest opinion, so they expect honesty in return. If you make the mistake of lying to them, it won’t be long until they leave your life. Until they realize they deserve better.

Alpha girls are mature, responsible, skilled at managing their time. They know how important each second of their day is, which is why they avoid unhealthy situations and ditch toxic relationships. They use their time wisely.

Alpha girls need someone who is capable of keeping up with them. Someone who won’t be intimidated by their busy schedule. Someone who has a life of his own and isn’t always waiting around for them to get back home.

Alpha girls make their own money. They pay their own rent. They take care of themselves. They need a boy who is impressed by their independence, not a boy who resents the fact that he isn’t needed enough.

Alpha girls are strong. Confident. Comfortable being alone for as long as they have to be. 

They aren’t on a constant search for their soulmate. They have other things to worry about, like how they’re going to nab their next promotion or when they’re going to have time to catch up with old friends.

Alpha girls can live without romantic love — but if they happen to stumble across the right person, they aren’t going to waste any time. They aren’t going to let their fear of change stop them from pursuing what they want.

They’re going to go after their forever person and when they end up in a serious relationship, they aren’t going to act any different. They aren’t going to distance themselves from their friends or spend fewer hours at work. They aren’t going to become completely new people, just because their relationship status changed.

They’re always going to be alpha, whether they’re in a relationship or not. They’re always going to be tough, strong, beautiful badasses. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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