If You Do These 13 Seemingly Small Things, Your Relationship Will Last A Lifetime

Unsplash / Toa Heftiba

1. When you’re upset about something, you tell them. When you’re mad about something, you tell them. You call them on their bullshit and they do the same. But you don’t get mad about it — you work things out.

2. You’re comfortable being bored together. Going grocery shopping together. Brushing your teeth together. Sitting on opposite sides of the couch and reading separate books.

3. You laugh together. You have unlimited inside jokes that prove your friendship is just as strong as your relationship.

4. You do little favors for them without being asked. You record their favorite show when they come home late. Restock their favorite snack when you go shopping. Play their favorite music when you’re in the car together.

5. You spend at least a little time together every day — even if it’s just sharing a five minute phone call or eating breakfast together before you both go off to work. You make time for each other, because your relationship matters.

6. You’re good at team projects. At playing tennis. At winning charades. At building furniture. You work together well, because you know how to talk to each other in a productive way without starting a screaming match.

7. You’re always touching each other. Not in a sexual way. You just always find yourself holding their hand or resting your head on their shoulder while you’re sitting side-by-side. You’re always attached to them in some way.

8. You say thank you and I love you on a regular basis. You never let them feel like they are being taken for granted. You always give them little reminders about how much you care.

9. You try new things together. New restaurants. New vacation spots. New sex positions. New sex locations. You are both open-minded about sharing new experiences so that your relationship never feels stale.

10. You consider their friends your friends. That means when they get invited to a party, you’re just as excited as they are. When they go out for drinks, you know you can always join if you feel like it, because you all get along.

11. You never snoop through your partner’s phone when they leave the room. If you’re curious about who they’re texting, you just ask them who they’re texting. It’s as simple as that. You’re always asking them questions and they’re always answering honestly.

12. You’re comfortable having sex, even if you haven’t shaved that day and you’re comfortable kissing, even if you haven’t brushed your teeth that morning. You never gross each other out.

13. You have active, engaging conversations about everything — even the small things. You let them know about the gossip your friends told you over lunch and you ask them how their favorite sports team has been performing lately. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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