He’s Not Your Forever Person Unless You Can Rely On Him To Do These 13 Things

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1. To tell you the truth. It doesn’t matter if you ask him questions about his ex or if you ask him whether he likes the new dress you picked out. He shouldn’t be telling you any lies. He should be completely and utterly truthful with you.

2. To be there when you need him. If your car breaks down in a sketchy neighborhood or you end up in a hospital bed, he should find a way to get to you as quickly as he can. He should be there for you during emergencies, during those moments when you need him the most.

3. To answer your messages. If you text him while he’s out and about, he might not have the time to answer you right away, but he should get back to you before the end of the day. Before you start worrying about him and consider him MIA.

4. To keep his promises. If he says he’s going to do something, then he should do it. He should follow through. If his actions never match his words, then how could you ever trust him? You can’t.

5. To show up on time. If he asks to meet you at eight, then he shouldn’t show up a half-hour later than that. It’s rude to keep someone waiting. He should show you he respects your time by being there when he says he will.

6. To put in his fair share. He should clean just as many dishes as you. He should pick up just as many checks as you. You should split your responsibilities equally.

7. To keep his cool. He should treat you with respect, even in the midst of a massive argument. He shouldn’t use his anger as an excuse to curse you out or slam his fist into the wall. He should know how to control his temper.

8. To pay attention to you. He should hold your hand in public. He should make you orgasm in private. He should pay attention to your needs instead of only focusing on his own.

9. To behave. He’s not your child. You shouldn’t have to stress out whenever you take him out with your friends because you’re worried he’ll say something insensitive. He should be respectful to you — and to all of the people you love.

10. To stay faithful. You shouldn’t have miniature breakdowns every time he leaves the house. You shouldn’t have to check up on him to see if he’s been flirting with other girls. You should date someone you can trust to stay loyal.

11. To remember important dates. Neither your birthday nor your anniversary should be something that slips his mind. He should know exactly when they are — because they’re important to you, which means they should be important to him.

12. To fill you in. He shouldn’t wait until the last second to tell you that he has to work on a day you thought you two had plans. And he shouldn’t forget to mention the dinner with his parents that he needs you to go to. He should give you enough notice to prepare.

13. To put in effort. If he loves you, he should show it. He should make it clear enough that you never have to second-guess his feelings for you.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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