9 Reasons Why People With Alpha Personalities Have Fewer Friendships

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1. You spend most of your time at work.

You have a packed schedule. Between the hours you spend at the office and the hours you spend sleeping, it’s hard for you to fit in time to see your old friends, let alone make new friends. You’re a grown adult with responsibilities. You get shit done. If that means your social life suffers a little bit, so be it.

2. You refuse to let others walk over you, even if they’ve been in your life for years.

You’ve ended decade long friendships because they stopped being healthy. To you, history doesn’t matter. You’re mature enough to realize that friends can outgrow each other. That sometimes, you’re better off saying goodbye to the people you used to love than trying to fix a broken relationship.

3. You won’t act irresponsibly, even when you’re being peer pressured.

Some people have accused you of being boring, because you’ll cut yourself off after three drinks — or you’ll just turn down their invitation to the bar because you have work early the next morning. You’ll always choose to do the right thing over the fun thing.

4. You can come across as intimidating.

You’re beautiful, intelligent, confident, and have a bad case of resting bitch face. That’s why a lot of people judge you before getting to know you. They assume that you’re nasty and unapproachable, even though you’re actually one of the friendliest people they could ever meet.

5. You take control of every situation.

You’re the friend who decides which day to hang out and which restaurant to visit. Who walks up to the hostess and gets a table. Who leads every conversation. You’re a born leader, a decision maker. Some people love that about you, and some people are just plain jealous.

6. You will never change yourself in order to fit in.

If your friends all want to go to a movie you have no interest in seeing, you won’t lie about how you’re busy. You’ll tell them that you would rather stay home. That you’ll meet up with them next week. You’re brutally honest, even when a little white lie would be easier to tell.

7. You aren’t interested in forming fake friendships.

You aren’t interested in answering texts from twenty different people about the latest episode of The Bachelorette. You just don’t have the time or the energy to keep up with all those people. You would rather have a few real friends you feel comfortable talking to about serious life problems and The Bachelorette.

8. You aren’t afraid of confrontation — you embrace it.

You always say what is on your mind, because you believe honesty is an important trait to have. So instead of lying about how much you love your friend’s new boyfriend, you’ll be honest about how shitty he seems. It might start an argument, but you don’t care. You would rather protect your friends than coddle them.

9. You are comfortable spending the weekend on your own.

When you have a free weekend, your first instinct isn’t to text everyone on your contact list to see who will come over. Your first instinct is to catch up on your reading, get some chores done, and watch Netflix. You don’t mind being alone. Sometimes, you actually prefer it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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