Stop Falling For Stupid Boys Like Him

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Stop dressing up for him when he doesn’t even realize that you did something different with your hair.

Stop sleeping with him, because you think it will eventually convince him to start dating you. 

Stop doing girlfriend-type things for him when he refuses to go out on an actual date with you.

Stop letting him get all the good parts of you, when you barely get any pieces of him.

Stop sexting him over Snapchat, even though he didn’t take the time to respond to your last text message.

Stop liking his Instagram pictures, even though there’s another girl in them that’s standing way too close to him. 

Stop answering his texts messages five minutes after he sends them, even though it takes him days to answer yours.

Stop treating him like he’s flawless, like you would be lucky to have him, even though he treats you like shit. Even though he neglects you, uses you.

You deserve someone who likes you for more than your body. Someone who texts you back. Someone who tells you what’s on his mind. Someone who stays after sex is over.

You deserve someone who knows what they have and appreciates it. Someone who thanks you for always being there for him instead of barely even noticing you’re still around. 

Stop settling for boys who talk to you nonstop one day and ignore you the next.

Stop settling for boys who like you — but not enough.

You shouldn’t be an option, a backup plan, a second choice. You shouldn’t be the person he texts when it’s late at night and he doesn’t have anything else to do, when all of the people he usually puts before you are busy.

You should be the person he plans to see a week ahead of time, the person he spends all of Saturday night with and doesn’t want to leave on Sunday morning. You should be the person he’s excited to spend time with, not the person he’s stuck spending time with. 

Stop falling for boys like him, who can’t open their eyes wide enough to see what a catch you are. Boys who would rather divide their time between ten girls than focus on the only one who truly matters.

Boys like him will destroy girls like you — but only if you let him.

Instead of ditching your friends to hang out with him, see if he’ll take a rain check.

Instead of reminding him about your birthday, see if he remembers on his own. 

Instead of texting him back at midnight, wait until the morning to reply and see if you still get an answer.

Or, instead of chasing after him, choose to forget about him.

Choose the single life. Choose yourself. Just don’t choose a boy like him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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