Here’s How You Can Find Hope In Your Darkest Moments

Life isn’t going to go your way just because you’re a good person. It’s going to be filled with hardships and adversity that you’ll struggle to survive — but you will survive. Offred’s unrelenting perseverance and hope in Hulu’s new series The Handmaid’s Tale, now streaming Wednesdays, inspires us all to rise above our darkest moments.

1. Relive old memories.
When you feel like your present is filled with nothing but pain, escape to your past. Think about all of the good times that you’ve had with friends and family, and then call up those friends and family to reminisce about your memories. Remember, you were happy once and you’ll be happy again someday soon.

2. Read through inspirational quotes.
When you’re feeling your lowest, look to others to guide you. Listen to inspirational speeches, search for inspirational quotes, and then share them with your loved ones. You can even set the most motivational words as your screensavers so you feel hopeful every time you turn on your computer.

3. Do something physical.
It’s difficult to keep your hope alive when you’re clinging onto bitterness and hatred. That’s why you should release your pent-up aggression by engaging in something physical such as kickboxing or karate. Once you’re able to relax and let your body breathe again, it should be easier for you to find hope.

4. Write an uplifting story.
Your own words can help you find hope, which is why you should write a short story about someone that is going through intense struggles but is strong enough to make it out alive. Someone that is as mentally strong as the lead character in The Handmaid’s Tale. Let your characters give you hope.

5. Have a conversation with someone you trust.
Even if it looks like someone has it all together, deep down they may be suffering. They may be feeling the same things that you’ve been feeling. You’ll never know for sure unless you have a conversation with them. Share your fears and try to calm theirs. You could find hope in each other’s eyes.

6. Look at the children.
When you feel like all hope is lost, take a look around you. If you don’t have the strength to make the future better for yourself, at least do it for the children. So that they can live a better life than you’ve led. So that they can do all of the things you never got to do.

7. Embrace your spiritual side.
You can find hope by reading through scripture. By going to church. By joining a charitable foundation and becoming part of the community.

8. Spend more time with nature.
Walk outside hand-in-hand with someone you love and take a look at the world’s beauty. While you’re admiring the softness of the grass and the sway of the leaves, remember that you’re a part of nature. That you’re connected to it all. And that you’re just as beautiful as everything around you.

9. Listen to music.
Instead of listening to dark, dreary songs that will cause you to slip further into your depression, listen to uplifting music. The type of music that will inspire you to take action. The type of music that fuels your fire and gives you everlasting hope.

10. Visualize your future.
Take some time to think about all of the changes that you wish you could make in your life and in the world. Then think about how happy you’ll be once those daydreams become a reality. The first step to changing your future is visualizing what you wish would happen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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