Cheaters Turn The Sweetest Girls Into Skeptics

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She used to be trusting. Open. Honest.

But you took advantage of her kind heart. You used it against her. You made her believe that you were loyal to her, that you only wanted her, that you were going to stay with her forever.

And then you threw it all away for someone else. You ruined everything with a kiss. You destroyed a relationship that could have lasted a lifetime.

You took the sweetest girl in the world and turned her into a pessimist, a skeptic.

Now, she keeps both eyes open. Now, she always doubts whether someone is telling her the truth. Now, she hesitates before entering new relationships, because she’s worried her heart is going to get shattered all over again.

She doesn’t believe in love the same way she used to. She isn’t sure if there’s someone out there who will be satisfied with her, with just one girl. And that hopelessness is all your fault.

You’re the reason why her next boyfriend will accuse her of being clingy. Why she’s going to ask him so many questions about his female friends. Why she’s not going to believe him about why he came home late or took hours to text back, even when he’s telling the truth.

When you cheated on her, you did more than ruin your own relationship — you also ruined every one of her future relationships.

You turned her into the kind of girl who always looks over her shoulder. Who can never enjoy the moment, because she’s waiting for everything to fall apart.

Cheating on her hurt her, but it did more than that — it changed her.

She’s not the same person she was when she met you. That girl was pure. Innocent. Naive.

That girl is long gone.

Now, she doesn’t go out on dates as much. Now, she runs at the first sign of a red flag. Now, she protects her heart instead of letting it run wild.

But maybe it’s a good thing that she isn’t as gullible as she used to be. At least she knows what type of guy to stay away from.

Now, she makes sure that the boys she lets into her life are worth the trouble. That they’re not another one of her mistakes. Because she doesn’t think she can take the pain of being cheated on again. She doesn’t know if she can withstand that kind of betrayal a second time.

She’s smarter now, pickier, with higher standards. She won’t let anyone toxic come close enough to her that they could take advantage of her. She won’t let herself be used again.

She’s cautious about love now, so the next time she enters a relationship, it’s going to be with someone who actually deserves her heart. Someone she trusts not to break it like you did. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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