26 People On The Creepiest Show That Ever Aired On Television

Do you remember these TV shows that completely freaked out everyone from Ask Reddit?

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1. Are You Afraid Of The Dark

“When I was little, there was a show called ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark.’ All the episodes were creepy, but the one that really got to me was about a man who could never sleep, because the ghosts of the people who’s graves he robbed when he was a diver would emerge from the sea to get him.

I don’t know exactly why that episode got to me, but it absolutely terrified me and gave me nightmares for years.” — Lilebi

2. Supernatural

“The episode of Supernatural where it turned out to NOT be ghosts, but creepy ass children living in the walls. Nope.” — Astronaut67

3. Twilight Zone

“Twilight zone – 20,000 feet up.

Basically this guy finds a ‘gremlin’ on the wing of his plane but nobody believe him because he was just released from a psych ward. 10/10 scared the shit out of my when I was a kid.” — FatDabsIsGod

4. Criminal Minds

“Criminal Minds episode called The Uncanny Valley I think. This girl kidnaps younger girls and keeps them incapacitated but awake, dresses them as dolls, and plays with them as dolls. What makes it really creepy is the music that plays. And just the fact that the girls are awake during this nightmare.” — LuxxxLisbonnn

5. American Horror Story

“American Horror Story, the episode with the school shooting scene. It is pretty intense.

The way the scene was done was extremely powerful, but at the same time sent chills down my spine knowing that this exact situation has happened many times, from Columbine to Virginia Tech.” — -eDgAR-

6. Hannibal

“Spoiler: I don’t remember the title but that one episode of Hannibal where the girl hides under the other girl’s bed and drags her underneath it and kills her. I was over my fear of the monster under the bed until I watched that episode, now I’m probably gonna be scared forever.” — dadmemes26

7. I Shouldn’t Be Alive

“The premiere episode of I Shouldn’t Be Alive where the five people try to survive on a raft in the Atlantic with no supplies, and one woman dies slowly from an infected wound while two others go crazy from dehydration.” — playblu

8. Black Mirror

“Black Mirror — Shut up and Dance. It really fucked my shit up.” — Afarinnadiya

9. X-Files

“With the character Eugene Tooms. The pan towards the drain where you could just see his creepy ass eyes is a moment I will never forget as long as I live.” — Aerospaceguy2

10. Little House On The Prairie

“It’s just really fucked up. First a bunch of boys get caught peeking through her window and her father blames her for it. Then she gets raped and her father blames her for that, refusing to even report it because it’s a ‘disgrace.’ When he finds out she’s pregnant he wants to move town and tell people she had a husband that died, to avoid embarrassment (at this point he still refuses to inform anyone she was raped, causing speculation from the locals about who she’s been sleeping with). She then gets attacked AGAIN in a barn and while trying to escape falls and dies. I don’t think we ever found out, but I wouldn’t be fucking surprised if dear old dad blamed her for THAT too.” — Morgoth_the_DM

11. Lost

“The Lost episode ‘Dave.’ (SPOILERS for that episode) I find the idea of Hurley talking and interacting with someone who isn’t really there but seems so real to him (and to the audience) just plain creepy.” — Jorruss

12. Always Sunny In Philadelphia

“A more recent episode of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia where Mac and Dennis take on the “suburban life.” They adopt a dog and it gets to the point where they’re in such a rut that they forget to feed the dog and it starves. It shows day to day and the dog gets more desperate for food. My husband and I were deeply disturbed by that episode and that season in general.” — Reider0505

13. Lie To Me

“Lie to Me had an episode with a psychotic college student who perfectly emulated Bundy or other serial killers, in that he seemed so charming and likeable on the surface- a regular guy. But the reality was he’s a master manipulator (and I won’t spoil the rest). It gave me chills and freaked me out for a long time.

Just looked it up and it’s Beat the Devil in Season 2.” — fellhawk

14. Stranger Things

“The ending of season 1 of Stranger Things. That slug….” — Springwood_Slasher

15. Breaking Bad

“The Breaking Bad episode(s) where Jesse goes to the crazy meth heads’ house. The ones who stole the the ATM and had the kid at their house. When the mom dropped the ATM on the guy’s head… the worst. It really messed with me to realize that the reality is that there are children who live lives like that.” — additup226

16. Degrassi

“The school shooting episode on Degrassi. Gives me chills every time.” — boisterous_banana

17. Doctor Who

“As a kid: the Frankenstein episode of Wishbone.

As an adult: the Weeping Angels episode of Doctor Who.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get over the nightmares from those two episodes.” — Twin_Brother_Me

18. Invader Zim

“There was an episode of Invader Zim where Zim harvests the organs of the students, and all the students are just laying there dying. While Zim is just sitting there Fat with all these different organs stuffed inside him. Fucked me up.” — agent37sass

19. Boy Meets World

“There was an episode of Boy Meets World where they were locked in the school with a murderer and people were slowly getting killed. I watched it late at night and it terrified me.” — Shoesfromtexas

20. Twin Peaks

“Twin Peaks – the episode where it is revealed who killed Laura Palmer.

The long, painful attack on someone, cut to Dale seeing the Giant waving his hands on stage in the bar, and finally, the old man coming up and patting Dale on the arm with ‘I’m so sorry.’ It still bothers me 25 years later.” — dinan101

21. The Handmaid’s Tale

“The new Handmaid’s Tale series is really fucked up. The flashback scenes when you see society as we know it disappearing under this weird ultra conservative crazed christian movement.” — Shirleydandritch

22. 13 Reasons Why

“The last episode of 13 reasons why.” — Jetemple

23. CSI

“There was an episode of CSI that opened with a toddler running around covered in blood. Turns out the dad came home, snapped, and killed everybody with a shotgun. But it was so damn realistic and possible it still freaks me out.” — GrayChupacabra

24. Fargo

“Every episode of Fargo when Billy Bob was in it. That character still gives me the creeps.” — thesaltysquirrel

25. Sons Of Anarchy

“My wife binge-watched Sons of Anarchy, and kept insisting I would like it. So the first episode I watched some bad guy trapped a biker guy’s daughter in a shipping container and set her on fire in front of him. I just kinda slowly looked at my wife, stood up and left.

She can’t watch The Walking Dead because it gives her nightmares, and that’s just silly zombie hijinx. Sons of Anarchy seems way more disturbing to me for some reason.” — jimbofisher2010

26. Full Metal Alchemist

“The episode of Full Metal Alchemist with the chimera. Shit creeped me the fuck out and still does.” — IwouldBeAJulia Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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