22 Pet Owners Reveal The Creepiest Thing They Caught Their Animal Doing

Dogs and cats can see things that human eyes can’t. Just ask these people from Ask Reddit.

Unsplash / Janko Ferlic

1. I’m pretty sure my dog can see spirits

“Sometimes my dog will literally just stare into an empty corner of a room and turn her head from side to side. She doesn’t break her gaze unless you physically force her to turn her head. If you approach her from behind while she’s starting at the corner and startle her, she viciously lashes out and bites. She is an otherwise peaceful animal. It makes me wonder if she can see something that I can’t that is threatening.” — nickerygolding

2. My cat batted my picture off of the shelf

“My grandmother had a psycho cat that hated me. One day this cat jumped up on a shelf that contained picture frames of each of my cousins. That cat looked me in the eye as it batted my picture off the shelf but left the other ones in place. She then jumped down and walked away, watching me as she passed.” — Booner999

3. My cat acts like there’s a ghost hidden inside of my closet

“I had a cat years ago that would sit in front of the closet door in my bedroom and just stare at it for long periods of time. That was pretty weird but easy enough to explain. So, I went to the door and picked her up. Everything was cool but she was still staring intently at the door. The second I opened it to reveal an emptyish closet (I had some shoes and a few things hanging up) she hissed, her hair stood on end, and then she bolted.

She kept staring at the door until she died.” — Samizara

4. My dog always chews out the eyes of dolls

“I had a pitbull that would chew the right eye out of every chew toy or doll my daughter would leave within reach. Always thought that was peculiar.” — Frawgwalla

5. My cat purposely drowns all the mice she finds

“She started drowning mice. The first time she caught a mouse, we weren’t really sure what to do, but a relative suggested we drown it in front of the cat while praising her loudly. So she would know she did a good thing, but also to show her the mouse was dead and gone.

And then the next day she caught another mouse. She took it to the same room and drowned it in her water bowl, left it floating until my husband saw it, and then purred loudly at him. She caught another mouse, and this one she drowned and then brought it to me to show off. We no longer have mice and she does it to her toys now.” — kirastorm

6. My dog predicted that my aunt would pass away

“My dog was barking towards the corridor for no specific reason. No matter what I’d do she wouldn’t stop. This went on for the whole night.

Next morning they call me. My aunt is dead. It still gives me the chills thinking about it. Was it a coincidence? I don’t know…” — MosquitoTerminator

7. My cat viciously ripped a hole in another animal

“This squirrel used to mock my cat Chester for many months just outside the window, on a low hanging tree branch. This fucking squirrel would chatter and snicker at the cat and snap its tail.

Well Chester was patient.

He waited for his opportunity to attack and finally one summer day I get home from work and there’s the fucking squirrel — brutally eviscerated and left on our porch with its head hanging from a wire-like muscle in its neck or shoulder.

My cat was waiting patiently to be let in, licking his paws and purring over this massive squirrel corpse.

When I was cleaning the carcass up off the porch I realized that the cat had eaten its privates… ripped a huge hole in the animal right between its hind quarters.

Later that year Chester got out again and never returned, presumably to hunt down every last squirrel in our neighborhood, for the rest of his life. Up until the fall months he would still bring carcasses and drop them on our porch but I never saw him waiting to get in and when the snow started flying the carcasses stopped showing up.

We looked everywhere for him. Put up many a flyer and tried desperately to get him to come home but I guess he met his doom somewhere in the nearby forest.” — AtheistComic

8. My dog knew someone in the woods was following us

“I brought my boyfriend home for thanksgiving and he got to meet my dog Cody. Cody’s a staffie mix and really sweet and playful and dumb, so he took to this new human instantly. My parents house backs up into a wooded hill and isn’t fenced, so we keep him on a lead when he’s outside. I let him out one day when we were left alone in the house and wanted to fool around and he immediately bolted to the woods and made it to the tree line before his lead stopped him. He starts growling and snapping at something, and don’t think anything of it but assume he’s seen a squirrel or something in the woods, call him a stupid dog, and go inside. About an hour later we went to go bring him inside and he’s still standing watch, growling at the woods. I call him and he won’t come, but then my boyfriend called him and he bolted back, nuzzled his hand, and stood protectively in front of him and resumed growling towards the woods.

An hour or so later we started getting texts from his batshit abusive ex, including pictures of us letting the dog back in. He had sensed this guy was in the woods and went to guard against him, and then went to protect my boyfriend because he knew he was there to fuck with him. For the rest of the week he would sleep at his feet, and if we walked him he would walk bumped up against his thighs.” — 145679RK1

9. Our dog made me believe a murderer was hiding in the house

“About a month after my fiancee and I moved into our new house, our dog got up from her bed in the living room from a fairly deep sleep and proceeded to stare intensely into our guest bedroom in full alert mode. After a minute or so of that, I paused the TV to see what she was doing.

She stood up, barked (which was a big deal because she’s a retired racing greyhound, and it is extremely rare for them to bark at all), then trotted in the room and stared at the corner.

My fiancee had gone to bed before all of this happened and I didn’t want to worry her, so I quietly flipped on all the lights in the guest bedroom, checked the entire room for anything at all but I didn’t find a thing. Not even a bug or any sign of a disturbance outside. Nothing.

Then she just went back to her bed and kept an eye on the room for the rest of the evening.

I didn’t sleep well that night and my fiancee still doesn’t know about it.” — Lanhorn9

10. My cat tortures dying insects

“She (a cat) keeps insects on the brink of survival. They basically give up on life but are still alive so they just lay there. Whenever I see a ‘dead’ bug in her spot I poke at it and 90% of the time it springs to life. Our cat just wants her own pets I guess.” — TopScruffy

11. My dog would not rest until my grandfather was put to rest

“We were visiting my family to bury my grandfather’s ashes and were staying with my grandmother. The nights before we buried him his ashes were still in his old bedroom and my dog would not stop growling every night. The nights after we buried him my dog stopped growling and slept fine. Kinda creeped me out.” — elephantadventurer

12. My pets keep staring at something I cannot see

“I can’t get over it when all pets in the room suddenly stare at the same vacant corner and then start freaking out. Not cool.” — Choactapus

13. My dog sees ghosts inside our basement

“I live in a house that’s over 100 years old and fairly creepy by itself and my dog used to randomly refuse to walk up the stairs from the basement. We’d put a treat on every step, tell him we were going outside, tried to push his butt up but he would not budge! Then later he would be barking at nothing in an empty hallway or he would get in the bathtub and refuse to leave. I think he saw ghosts.” — dm_me_ur_fav_song_

14. My cat found something in our empty house

“Years ago I came home from work sometime in the mid afternoon and as I passed by my parent’s bedroom I saw a weird lump under the covers, just by the head of the bed. So I went in to poke it and I heard my cat underneath growl. Thinking it was weird because she had NEVER done that before (growl at me, OR bury herself under covers) I lifted up the sheet to make sure she was okay/ knew it was me. Well she saw me and she still kept growling and hissing, like she was totally freaked out.

Now kinda freaking out myself because this is totally weird behavior for her, I covered her back out and began searching the entire house; checking every door and every room trying to find what scared her so badly.

Never did find anything, but the cat refused to leave the safety of the covers until hours later.

She’s never done that before or since, but to this day I wonder what my cat saw alone in the empty house that scared her so badly she needed to hide for hours.” — cannedcream

15. Our dog discovered a friendly ghost

“Our dog occasionally used to sit in front of an empty chair, staring intensely and wagging his tail. We hadn’t had any deaths in the family, but the house was probably 20 years old so maybe we had a resident ghost.” — bluelinen

16. My dog makes noises like a serial killer

“I have a blind doberman that does something my wife and I refer to as ‘chutter.’ Now he has one semi-formed eye, but he other one just never came in. There is a flesh patch where his left eye should be. Every now and again when he smells something he really, really likes, he’ll chutter. This is when he exhales like a serial killer and clicks his front teeth together quickly and pulls his front lips back. He’ll do this after smelling used tampons in the trash, sniffing your crotch, or in the middle of the night when you are most vulnerable. It’s fucking unsettling.” — Stabby_McStabbinz

17. My dog learned how to manipulate me

“My dog once jumped out of my girlfriends moving car and hurt her paw. Well that’s not the weird part, the weird part is where about a month later the dog continued to limp around me and whining knowing I’d let her on the couch next to me for cuddles. I caught this bitch acting all normal when she didn’t realize I was watching her from the other room one day, and when I went in to confront her she went back to limping and giving me the pouty face. It was the most unsettling thing seeing how she was manipulating me.” — Levion687

18. My dog will howl while she’s still asleep

“She will sit up in her sleep and howl.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a Great Dane howl at 3 AM right next to your ear, but it’s pretty goddamn frightening.” — LaBelleCommaFucker

19. My dog bilocates around our house

“My dog does this thing that I call ‘bilocating’ which is basically where you think he’s in one area and he’s actually not, he’s somehow managed to stealth past you without you noticing. An example of this is you may think he’s outside sleeping in the garden because that’s where you last saw him, yet you go to the toilet and find him sleeping in the hallway and you’ve been in the living room the whole time and you didn’t see or hear him go by. I guess this is common with a small breed of dog, bit he’s a fairly large husky and we have tiled flooring and you can hear the clipping of his claws on the floor when he passes. It freaks me out when he does this. I swear he’s teleporting.” — Glitchypink

20. There was something inside of the closet

“We had a closet under the stairs, a low one you had to duck low to get into. It was just a random under-floor storage space filled with abandoned boxes and a single dangling light. Needless to say, there was almost never any reason to go in, even if you remembered that it existed, so it was long-neglected.

One evening, our dog just stares at it and starts a low and menacing growl.” — vtelgeuse

21. My cat left a corpse on my bed

“My cat caught a small bird and bit his head off, then dropped the corpse on my bed.” — Holdin_McGroin

22. Animals eat their owners after their death

“I saw a youtube video from a mortician who said that dogs normally eat their owner sooner out of stress. They nervously gnaw at their owners to try to get them to stand up until they taste blood and instinct kicks in. Cats wait longer because they don’t care enough to notice right away.” — Matthew_A Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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