Never Lead A Girl On, Because You’ll Break Her Heart

Unsplash / Felix Russell-Saw

The worst thing you could ever do to a girl is send her good morning messages for months, call her on the phone because you want to hear her voice, take her to local diners for breakfast, tell her how beautiful she looks and how happy you are whenever you’re with her — and then walk out of her life without saying a word.

Without letting her know that it’s officially over and having her wait for you to return. Without explaining what changed and why you decided to leave. 

The worst thing you could ever do is make her think that you’re going to be her boyfriend — and then turn into a complete stranger. 

She deserves answers. She deserves to know why you walked away and she deserves to know why you stayed for so long if you weren’t serious about her. 

Did you really mean all of those sweet things you said or were you just trying to say the right thing? Were you lying when you told her how much you missed her, how badly you wanted to be with her? 

Did she do something wrong, did you get bored of her, or did you know from the start that you weren’t going to stick around?

She has so many questions for you that she knows she’s never going to find out the answers to, because she’s never going to ask.

The biggest question of all is: How do you feel about her?

She used to think that she knew, but she must have been wrong. You must not have ever cared. If you did, then you wouldn’t have disappeared without a trace. You wouldn’t have hurt her in this way.

She’s reached the point where she doesn’t know what to do. Moving on seems like the only real option, but that’s the last thing she wants.

She was so ready for a relationship with you. She thought that you were in the process of creating something real.

And now you’re only a memory. Just like that, she went from wondering if she should introduce you to her parents to wondering if she should delete your number from her phone.

It’s hard for her to come to terms with the fact that she’s never going to see you again, unless you accidentally end up in the same restaurant or shop in your small town.

And what would she even do if that happened? Pretend that she didn’t see you and act like you’re strangers? Casually walk up to you and make chitchat, skirting around the fact that you caused her pain? Or confront you, yell and scream until she gets the closure she deserves?

She doesn’t know, but that doesn’t matter, because she probably won’t see you again. You’re already turning into a phantom, a ghost of what could have been but will never be.

You see, if you actually care about a girl, you should never lead her on, because you’ll break her heart. You’ll make her question what’s wrong with her, what she could have done differently. You’ll lower her confidence and heighten her paranoia.

You’ll make her think that there’s something wrong with her, even though she’s one of the few things left that are good in this world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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