Date Someone Who Takes You Home To Meet His Parents

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You shouldn’t date someone who hesitates to meet your loved ones, someone who keeps putting the milestone off, because they aren’t that serious about your relationship, because they aren’t sure if you’re good enough to take home.

Date someone who invites you over for dinner with his mother and father, because he wants you to spend quality time together. Because he believes that you’re going to be around for a long time and that you should start getting to know your future in-laws.

Even better, date someone that invites your parents over to meet his parents, because he wants you to join together and become a real family. Because he knows that one day, they’ll all be under the same roof, watching as you two get married.

You can’t date someone who only spends time with you one-on-one, someone who hides you away in his bedroom and never mentions your name in conversation.

Date someone who invites you to work functions, because he would feel more comfortable with his best friend standing next to him. Because the only people that he spends more time with than you is his coworkers, and he thinks that you deserve to meet each other, since you’re always hearing so many stories about each other.

Date someone who invites you out with his friends, because he wants to show you off. Because he hates going out without you. Because he wants you to become an official member of the friend group, so that you don’t have to spend any weekends apart.

Date someone who invites you to spend the holidays with him, even when his extended family is going to be there and he’s embarrassed by them. Someone who wants you to see all of the funny moments and flawed moments that his family shares, because he’s open and honest with you.

Of course, letting you into his world isn’t enough. He should become a part of your world, as well.

He shouldn’t complain every time that you tell him about a party your roommate is throwing or a BBQ that your parents are hoping you show up for. He shouldn’t act like he’s doing you a favor every time he agrees to see your family.

Date someone who is excited to go to the movies with your friends or go to the bar with your cousins, because if you care about someone, he cares about them too. 

Date someone who honestly wants you to be happy and to have fun, not just with him, but with everybody in your life.

Date someone who holds your hand in public, introduces you as his girlfriend, changes his relationship status, and posts silly couple pictures on his profiles.

Date someone who is proud to be dating you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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