25 People Talk About The Most Brutal Crime They Have Ever Been The Victim Of

Unfortunately, horrible things happen every single day. These brave Ask Reddit users are here to tell their stories.

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1. My uncle slammed me through a window in an attempt to kill me

“Had a crazy drunk uncle try to kill me for no reason.

Back when Smash 64 came out, my friend and I were glued to it. One night I had him over for a sleepover. We were like 13-14. I guess my mom got my uncle to babysit.

My uncle was always a real asshole, since I was a kid. I remember him just coming in my room and yelling at me for no reason when I was like 5. He was ex military, black belt, severe alcoholic.

So this asshole comes over, I didn’t even hear him there. Drinks a whole fifth of whiskey, falls out of a chair and apparently its my fault. I just heard him yelling my name, and I told my friend I would be right back. So I go out and he flips a table and flips out because I didn’t help him back into his chair when I didn’t even know he was at my apartment.

So I said, ‘It’s not my fault you’re drunk and fell, I didn’t even know you were here.’ And he flips out and slams me through a window. So here I am, glass all sticking out of my back, looking down 3 stories, and all that’s stopping me from falling is a guy who drank a fifth of whiskey.

Luckily the neighbors heard shit be for I even came out of my room and called the cops. So cops show up, he pulled me in at this exact moment and they immediately arrested his ass. I got real lucky on that one.

I went over after and thanked my neighbor’s and explained if they didn’t call the cops, he probably would have murdered me. I’ve always hated living in such close proximity to other people, but this time it saved my life.” — Skootchy

2. I was tied up and threatened at gunpoint

“Three guys with a gun jumped me outside of my apartment, beat me, and forced me inside where they tied me up, ransacked the place, threatened to shoot me, and made me to give them my pin numbers and call the bank to tell them everything was okay. Luckily an off duty cop drove by and spooked them, so they weren’t able to steal that much.” — Shintasama

3. A rapist almost choked me to death

“When I was 14, I was raped and nearly killed by a man who had learned my route when I walked home from school. I woke up in a wooded area a few feet away from the playground of my former elementary school naked, covered in grass stains and my blood, gasping for air because this dude decided to choke me until I lost consciousness. You have never had a nightmare until your dreams constantly let you re-live a brutal rape while listening to kids play in the distance.” — lil_beefer

4. I was mugged by a cop

“This happened to my dad in New Orleans in the 70s — he called the cops shortly after and the cop who came in response to the call was…the guy who mugged him. Apparently the cop and his buddies talked about taking him out of town and killing him but eventually they just took him to the state line and left him there.” — RegularIan

5. I was kidnapped and taken to Mexico

“I was kidnapped as a toddler. My mom was a teenager when she had me, and her mom was convinced that she wouldn’t be able to care for me. She insisted that my mom allow her to adopt me. My mom, having suffered years of abuse by her mom- including being pimped out to a violent rapist as a child- told her to fuck off. Lawyers got involved, cps got involved. Thankfully cps saw that my mom was taking excellent care of me and saw my grandmother’s extensive file with them, and refused to hand me over. A few weeks later my grandfather, who my mom was still on speaking terms with, asked my mom for permission to take me to the park. My mom agreed on the condition that my grandmother not be there. You can guess what happened. My grandparents immediately took me into Mexico. By the time my mom realized something was wrong we were already across the border. My mom called the police, who immediately told her there was nothing they could do. She called the tijuana police, who told her that an American baby was not their problem.

About two weeks later my mom got a call from her sister’s husband, informing her that my grandparents were back in town to get some things from their house and to run errands, so they dropped me off with them. My aunt was on my grandparents side and refused to tell my mom, so her husband snuck out to call. My parents by this point had formed a small group of my dad’s friends and were about to leave to kidnap me back, so they all rushed over to my aunt’s house instead. The guys broke down the door and held all three of my aunts back until my mom found me in a back bedroom and got me out of there. I know what kind of woman my grandmother was, so I’m terrified to think about what would have happened if my parents hadn’t gotten me back.” — Morttoss

6. Kids from my school carjacked my family’s vehicle

“Carjacking, but they kept us inside the car while they sat in the back seats trying to figure out what to do with us. I was pretty sure they were going to kill us. They pistol whipped the ever living hell out of my buddy sitting in the passenger seat and robbed us. Eventually, we talked them into just getting out and accept the cash they had.

Funny thing, though. These two guys were so cracked out of their skulls that one of them didn’t recognize me. I had ridden the school bus with this guy for years. It made it pretty damned easy to just go to the police station and give up his name and home address.” — Paroxysm80

7. I was in a car crash that killed my parents and left my sister braindead

“Got hit by a drunk driver, who happened to be driving a semi carrying sand. My parents, sister, and I were leaving town on our way to Texas to visit my other sister and her husband. It’s about 5 am and I’m sleeping in the car so I didn’t see or remember what happened, but from what I was told the truck driver was drunk and speeding going 60. He ran a stop sign at a 4-way intersection that we just so happened to be in the middle of. I wake up in the ICU at a hospital with 4 or 5 compound fractures in my spine, a broken left clavicle, fractured right shoulder blade, a torn aorta that had been fixed before I woke up, and they had removed my spleen. Both of my parents were killed on impact, and my sister that was in the car with us was brain dead but was being kept alive because she was a organ donor.” — TechnoFreak21

8. Someone slipped a drug into my drink and I woke up with broken fingers

“A couple years back, I got out of work and met up with some friends at the bar, and offered to pick up a round. I ordered a draft beer for me and a bottled beer for a girl who was with my friends, since she was the only one who needed one.

Next thing I know, I’m coming to hours later in a ditch next to the bike path with a couple broken fingers, and no memory of what happened shortly after that drink. I had all the cash I’d came with, and my tab was still open at the bar with only those two drinks on it. When I told the story to my manager the next day, she immediately says, ‘Were you at xxxx?’

Needless to say, I stopped going there.” — wasteallmytime

9. A man assaulted me, because he didn’t believe I was gay

“When I was in my early years of high school I developed my first crush, which was another woman. I assumed I was gay, eventually came out, every one seemed really accepting. About a month later I was at a party and was sexually assaulted by three of my male ‘friends’ who didn’t think I was gay and were going to ‘prove it.’

Since I’ve had minor break ins, some fairly scary other things that could make me at least a partial victim of a crime. That one fucked me up most, though.” — samazinnn

10. My ex physically abused me and broke his old girlfriend’s jaw

“Was sat on the sofa watching the TV when a naked picture of my partner at the time appeared on FB. I ran upstairs and demanded to know what he was doing. He threw the door open, bit me on the face, slammed my face against the wall, kicked me in the leg so hard I thought it was broken then tried to get me to scratch his face ‘as evidence’ (breaking my thumb in the doing) and punched me several times. Somehow I managed to get out the front door with my kids and to my mom’s house. He got two years suspended sentence for ABH. (The broken thumb was only discovered at an x-ray years later) Denied it all until the photographs of my injuries were shown to court. Turns out he’d broken another gf’s jaw a year before. Six months later I got a letter from his social worker asking me to reply to a ‘letter of forgiveness’. I told her to f off.” — Brummiediv

11. My father attempted to kill me

“I’m a victim of attempted murder. My father shot me in the head when I was eight. Obviously he didn’t kill me.” — Nighthawk321

12. I was slashed with a knife at a house party

“I was at a house party and got into an argument with a guy. He pulled out a knife and took a swing at my face. Luckily I was able to back up a little, but he still caught the corner of my mouth and cut about 3 inches into my cheek. At the time, I didn’t realize I was cut. I punched him and knocked him out. The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital. Apparently one of his friends cold clocked me from behind and knocked me out. It was a pretty awful night.” — TheNewGuyAgain

13. I was molested all throughout my childhood

“8 years of child molestation. Grooming, threatening, using religion as a means of control, the whole shebang (all level two sex offender classifications) He was able to take a plea bargain and is registered as a level one sex offender which means he doesn’t even show up on the public sex offender list. I feel so invalidated. Also good luck everybody else, the system fails.” — Pippapodamous

14. I was robbed at gunpoint back when I was a kid

“When I was in high school two arseholes stuck a gun in my face and stole my jacket and cell phone. Real cowardly yep two big gang bangers robbing a 14 year old. Fucking losers.” — PM_ME_UR_STONED_FACE

15. My mother has been hijacked and father has been stabbed

“Back in 2015 I was walking to the bus stop when 8 guys jumped my 5’5 ass with a knife and stole my phone, then in 2016 I was relaxing in a park with my brother and friend, broad daylight, three guys were walking through and pulled a gun out, phones, wallets, power banks, basically everything we had on us, my friend was lucky enough to have a decoy Samsung S5 that he switched for his Samsung S7 edge in the confusion.

I hate South Africa, almost all of my friends have been mugged directly outside of my university, Mom’s been hijacked twice, dad’s been stabbed once.” — EchoesOfSilenceXO

16. I was flogged by a group of violent, drunken men

“I got flogged in the carpark of the supermarket that I worked at by a couple of drunk men when I was a teenager. The pub across the road had closed and I guess they were bored. They kicked the shit out of me and one had his pants down before someone intervened – I can only imagine how it would have ended if they didn’t get interrupted.” — MisterEvilBreakfast

17. A stranger molested me inside of an elevator

“Was in an elevator going up to my apartment and a guy was there with me. I was probably in the 5th grade. As it’s going up the guy turns and looks at me standing in the corner and takes one step towards me. He then grabs my pre pubescent boob and starts to apply pressure on it with his thumb. It was kinda painful. While he’s doing this he starts to ask me questions about where I’m from, what school I go to etc etc and I answer all of his questions like a good little kid. Meanwhile, I try to maintain a straight, casual expression with my heart beating painfully and cold sweat forming on my forehead. He removes his hand as soon my floor arrives and we both leave (he was on the same floor as me). I haven’t told anybody about this. At the time, I had no idea why the fuck he did that but I know now, I guess. Thankfully, this incident hasn’t had any negative impact on my life as of now. All I feel is disgust.” — _TheNightHuntress

18. My sister’s rape led her to kill herself

“In a roundabout way, the rape of my sister. That began her downward spiral. First it was the cutting and depression but that progressed. Next the voluntary, then involuntarily psychiatric holds. Finally the syringe she stole that ended it all.

In a roundabout way that rapist stole my sister from me. I can think of no larger crime.” — techniforus

19. She burned my entire house down

“Ex girlfriend set my house on fire. I lost everything I’ve ever owned.” — Hammijammi

20. I was beaten brutally with a wooden board

“I was attacked and beaten with a 2×3 board.” — Katvin

21. Someone threw lit fireworks at me

“Rape and I’m not sure if having fireworks thrown at you while lit constitutes as torture. There’s quite a bit more but those are the worst parts.” — grandteton

22. I was raped as a teenager

“I was raped when I was 17. Now I’m careful about how much I drink around strangers and I refuse to go to a house if I don’t know at least 5 people there.” — Torokinzz

23. I was jumped by a group of thugs outside of my hotel

“I got jumped by a group of thugs outside of my hotel room. I had just checked in and decided to run to the convenience store and get a refreshment. When I pulled up to the hotel I noticed 4-5 guys hanging around the parking lot. I thought nothing of it and tried to enter the hotel (it was a side entrance). One of was coming out as I went in and grabbed me from behind with my arms pinned to my sides. He spun me around and what I saw was 4-5 dudes coming at me with fists flying. They beat me up pretty good until I was able to curl up on the ground and throw my wallet on the sidewalk. I don’t even think they wanted my wallet but they grabbed it and ran at that point.” — fishtarco

24. Someone broke into my house while I was asleep

“Someone broke into my apartment (no alarm system) while me and my girlfriend were asleep and stole a bunch of shit from the living room then booked it out the back door.

Wasn’t too upset about the stolen stuff, more bothered that someone was in my home while i was asleep and i didn’t know. I count myself lucky.” — IcedCoffeeAndBeer

25. She falsified a DNA test to keep me out of the will

“Found my biological father after years of searching. After a few years of building a relationship he started talking about wanting to put me in his will. His wife at the time suggested a paternity test just to be sure. Got one of the swab in cheek ones. The thing comes with three swabs. After he and I swabbed she packed it all up, went into town to mail it in. Test came back negative. I was living with them at the time due to financial trouble. She kicked me out. Few weeks later she went psycho and during her episode admitted she replaced my swab with her own. Yeah, he’s my father.” — Lunatyc84 Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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