25 Adults On The Supernatural Experiences They Had When They Were Young

When you grow up, life is supposed to start making sense. But, as these Ask Reddit users learned, some things will always remain a mystery.

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1. I saw disembodied body parts

“When I was younger I used to see disembodied parts all the time, like a set of legs in the hallway and a floating head by the road.

When I got older I joined a ghost hunting team as their clairvoyant for a while. I heard and saw tons of weird stuff doing that. I also learned how terrible ouija boards are doing that job.” — Goodbyepuppy92

2. We heard phantom footsteps in the basement

“When I was about twelve, I stayed over at my friend’s house and slept in his finished basement. In the middle of the night I heard someone walking around on the stone floor of the basement, but I could see there was no one there. After a minute or so the footsteps stopped.

When I told him about it the next day, he informed me that the previous owners had died in the basement as the result of a murder-suicide.” — alejo699

3. I had an out of body experience on Christmas Eve

“I had what may have been an out of body experience when I was about 15.

I was sick with a very high fever one Christmas Eve. I was in bed looking at my alarm clock when I remember being pulled away from my body. It is a sensation that to this day I have difficulty describing – it was as though I was still with my body but somehow about 5-10 feet away, almost behind my bedroom wall, at the same time. it was very unsettling but to be honest I would love to feel it again.

I then remember going downstairs where some family members had recently arrived. When my mother came in to check on me, she confirmed I hadn’t left my bedroom and asked that when I was feeling better I come out and say hello. The thing is, I already knew who was in the home and what they were wearing and doing.

So, I didn’t see my body or a white light or anything, but almost certainly had an OBE.” — tapehead4

4. A face suddenly appeared on the bathroom wall

“When I was 8 I turned on the lights in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and there was a face something like -_- scratched into the paint on my bedroom wall with what looked like something really sharp, and it wasn’t there before I went to bed. I woke my parents cuz I was super creeped out but they thought I was just playing a joke or something and I must’ve scratched it on the wall. To this day still don’t know how it got there, I’ve never sleepwalked or anything.” — [deleted]

5. A figure appeared the night my mother left my father

“When I was about 7ish my mom and my dad had an argument that ended with my mom throwing me and my two brothers into the car and driving to a motel. We get settled in and go to sleep. For some reason my body just decided to wake up in the middle of the night. I didn’t jump up or fly up out of bed in panic but I just opened my eyes without moving my body. And at the foot of the bed was this silhouette of a person. At first I thought it was my dad but as I looked a little longer and my eyes adjusted to the dark I could tell it didn’t look anything like my dad. It was very very tall, and skinny, and looked to have on some sort of hood over its head. I froze in fear. I couldn’t breathe, talk, or move. I just laid there, staring at this figure. I then took the covers and pulled way up over my head. Hoping he would think the bed was just a little fatter on one side than the other. I waited like that for what felt like two hours until i fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning everything was fine. But my parents got divorced.” — KeeganJordan

6. Sometimes, I see people that aren’t actually there

“Holy fuck a thread for me. Ok so these stories made me believe in the supernatural and the best part is that I had witnesses who saw the same shit I did.

So me and my cousin were about 13-14 at the time and staying and my grandmothers place right? We just got done watching a movie and we look to the kitchen because we heard a noise. Now my grandparents knock the fuck out at like 7 and this was 2 am. I see a skinny pale lady in a red dress over the sink and she turns to look at me and she fucking disappears. Now I thought it was just me but I look over to my cousin and he’s kinda freaking out like he’s just seen a ghost. So I go, ‘Did you see what I just…’ And he just nods his head. And then I go, ‘The lady in the red dress?…’ Then he’s just all ‘NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE FUCK YOU’ and shuts himself in the bathroom for a little while.

Now I go to my grandparents room and they are still knocked out. My grandmother isn’t white and she doesn’t own any red dresses… and she’s not skinny

The second story was a few years later. I’m about 16-17 and in driving my car doing shit and I see a dude in a black coat staring at me all creepily. He then goes behind a street lamp and I don’t see him at all. Now this street lamp isn’t big to hide behind so I don’t know how he pulled it off. When I turn the corner to try and see him he’s gone. Probably explained by him messing with me but I still went home right after

This last story freaks me out the most. So I’m the same age at 16-17 and its about 4 am. Now my house gets super fucking dark to the point of pure darkness but I still know my way to the bathroom. As I’m going to the bathroom I hear a voice whisper my name in my left ear. All the rooms are to the right of me. So naturally I get a little bit spooked and I look to the left of me but no one is there in the darkness. I just feel a presence staring at me. I freak out and turn on all the lights in the hallway but nothing’s there. My family are all asleep and not saying anything. After all that shit and some crazy déjà vu stories where I called out things before they happened I believe in the supernatural and ESP or whatever.” — Batman_Von_Suparman2

7. An inanimate doll blinked at me

“Mid 1980’s, my cousin (F) and myself (M) were playing in my bedroom. We’re probably like 6 or 7 at the time. She had brought a bunch of her dolls, and we set them up in front of us on the floor so we could use my bed as a ‘stage’ and jump around and do some kind of performance thing for our audience. As we’re playing, I look down and I swear I saw her Kid Sister doll blink at us.

We both stopped, and looked at each other, and we both knew we had just seen something happen. We freak, run to tell my mom, who of course doesn’t believe us, and life goes on.” — TenaciousBe

8. A ghost poured gasoline around our home

“When I was around three years old, my mother was doing laundry in another room when she started smelling gasoline. She came out to check around the house when she noticed me looking out the window. She asked what I was doing, and I told her that I was watching the man pouring water out of a red can around the house, and that he was looking really angrily at me. She didn’t see anything, but after a few minutes the smell went away entirely.

Also, when I was a bit younger than that, I used to get out of my crib at night. My parents didn’t know how I got out without making noise, because their door was always open, my crib was about five feet from the door, and they had never seen or heard me climbing out. One night my mother heard me giggling, only to find me running around outside of my crib, with the safety bars (that were, at the time, over my head) still up. My mother, at her wits end, finally decided to just ask me how I got out of my crib. My response? ‘I floated.'” — rad_influence

9. My imaginary friend would open and shut doors for me

“Nothing terribly exciting, but I had an imaginary friend that little me absolutely loved and I think they loved me too. I remember times when I would be home alone and it was like there was someone there that was always a step ahead of whatever I was doing, helping me. One time I remember in particular it was towards the end of summer and I woke up from a nap and realized that I needed to shut the front door before the sun went down, but when I got up to do so I heard the door blow shut softly. Whenever I wanted to get something I would go to where it was only to see that it was already set out for me. Just little things like that.” — PMmepicsofyouinDRAG

10. I heard heavy breathing from a deceased child

“I grew up in a bedroom where an 8 year old died from Leukemia. I used to hear heavy breathing. My parents did not believe me. I was pretty terrified for a year or so and then it stopped.” — Lethophobia

11. The ghost of a little girl lived in my room

“So I’ll start of by saying that I don’t believe in ghosts.

Also, the house this happened in was over 100 years old.

When I was 15, me and my family went on vacation for 3 weeks. Like always, before we left, my dad went from room to room to make sure everything was turned off and anything with a power saver mode was unplugged.

So we went and had a great time and flew back home. As we are taking the turn to get on my street (my house was on the corner) I look up to my room’s window which was on the side of the house.

I saw a little girl standing in my window staring at me. I flipped out. I couldn’t handle it. I was trying to convince myself that it was a reflection or something but I really did see a girl up there.

When we got to my room, the tv was turned on to a blue screen. Nothing else in the house was on. I turned the tv off and back on and it was just a regular channel.

I refused to sleep in my room that night.

The next day my mom remembered that our old neighbor used to live in this house when he was younger so she called him. His wife answered and we got some tragic news, he had passed away that week. My mom told her this story and was told that he had a sister.

Who passed away.

When she was 9.

In my room.

I didn’t sleep in there for months.” — Pollyanna584

12. The closet door opened while I was asleep

“I’ve had a few creepy encounters.

When I was about 8 years old I was at my grandparents’ house shortly after my great grandmothers funeral. I was in the basement by myself playing a handheld 101 Dalmatians video game when I heard someone call my name. I began walking toward where I heard the voice coming from while still looking down at my game. I head laughter and felt a cold breeze and looked up to see a young transparent girl wearing an outdated dress staring at me. The girl walked through the doorway which separated the two levels and shut the door behind her. I dropped to my knees sobbing when my mom came running down the stairs to console me. I asked my mom who called me upstairs, but she said no one called my name. I think it might have been my great grandmother letting me know that she was passing over but it was scary as hell.

Years later when I was in high school, I lived in the basement of my family’s house by myself. When we moved into the house the basement was unfinished and had a painted outline of a body on the cement floor. The family claimed it was from a Halloween party. The basement also had a creeping fucking crawl space which always freaked me out when I was by it. My dad is a carpenter finished the basement and built me a room downstairs. Although I was creeped out by the crawl space, I agreed to move downstairs for more privacy. My closet was built right by the crawl space and would be open just a few inches every time I’d come back into my room. I would always shut the closet door all the way. One time I noticed the door open when I was in bed. Got up to shut the door. Turned back to my bed and found the closet open again. At that point I threw my closet door open and decided I’d never shut it again. Nothing happened for a while after that. Some time later I was getting home from school and walked down to my room. We also had a living room in the basement and my sister had a particular spot on the couch where she often read. I see someone sitting in her spot out of the corner of my eye and assume it’s my sister. I say, ‘hey sis’ and walk into my bedroom to hear no response. I walk back out to see no one there. I walked up to my sisters room and went to turn the door knob but it was locked. We had a rule that we were not supposed to lock out doors and my sisters door would often lock on its own. My parents would get mad at her and she would always claim that she never locked it. I knocked on the door and when my sister answered I asked why she didn’t respond when I said hi to her on the couch. She said she had been in her room since she got home from school and hadn’t been I the basement at all.

After a few years my family moved out of state. One of my friends from my old high school asked me to go to homecoming with her so I travelled back for that. While at an after party, I saw a kid from my old neighborhood. He asked me if I used to live on the house on Alder. I told him I had. He then asked if any one ever saw any ghosts in the house. I was freaked out and told him I had and asked how he knew. He told me his best friend lived in that house before me and she saw her too. In the crawl space. After I drove back to my new house I told my parents about what the kid had told me. My mom finally decided to tell us that a woman died in my sisters room before we moved in and they didn’t want us to be freaked out so they didn’t tell us. It finally made sense to me and I realized that I wasn’t just seeing things.” — chicityshuffle

13. I saw the shadow of a man in a trench coat

“I’ll never be able to explain this, except maybe some weird one time hallucination.

But when I was about five or so I lived in a house where, at sunset, when you walked down the hallway, a shadow was cast on the wall opposite the sliding glass doors. One time, I was playing with sisters around sunset when I saw the shadow of something wearing a trench coat, but instead of human legs I saw goat legs with hooves and it had a long pointy tail.” — JessBroBabe

14. I watched a tissue lift out of the box on its own

“Once saw a tissue being pulled up out of a tissue box, except I was the only one in the room and I wasn’t touching it. Just that once, nothing weird ever happened again.” — shinyquartersquirrel

15. We heard screaming in the middle of the night

“Hearing a little boy screaming momma in the middle of the night. I was still awake and the only sibling I have is a younger sister. My parents always joke about having a ‘third child’ after that.” — TazBoyWonder

16. My grandfather’s ghost sat on my bed with me

“When I was around 16, my Grandfather passed away after Heart Surgery. He was a tough as nails British sorta guy and I never really saw him show his soft side until the final weeks of his life.

Anyway, the week he kicked the bucket, I was laying in bed trying to sleep, and I felt the side of my mattress depress heavily. You know that feeling when someone sits on your bed while youre laying in it? It was unmistakable because my entire body leaned towards the edge.

Anyway, I said goodbye to him and the mattress slowly went back to normal.” — Iwant80sMetalhair

17. I found the complete skeleton of an animal

“I found a fully articulated bird skeleton (minus the skin and feathers) sitting on a branch in our spruce tree. It was there for months. I’m now an ecologist, and I’ve never seen anything similar as an adult.” — ElleAnn42

18. Strange black smoke came out of the bottle

“My dad kept a green bottle on the mantle. I was to never touch it. It was always sealed. I woke up one night to it being opened. There was a black smoke that came out of it, and streamed around the room. It eventually went out of the front door. When I woke up, it was still opened.

I was very young, and my dad and I lived in a studio at the time.” — Zenorg

19. We owned a haunted grandfather clock

“My father got a old Grandfather Clock someone was planning to get rid of.

Then strange occurrences happened.

My mother claimed she felt a ghost touching her shoulder.

My father claimed he heard someone shouting his name

I saw a teddy bear rise at the end of my bed to lunge at me.

As soon as we got rid of it, everything was normal.” — TheStrongestGamer

20. I had a gut feeling that saved my life

“I was in a really serious car crash and had to be mercy flighted to the hospital for head trauma. I never, ever wore my seat belt because of the way it cut into my neck while sitting in the front seat. As we were pulling out of the driveway I got a very, very strong feeling to put my seat belt on, I remember it almost like a voice. I argued with myself and eventually bargained that I would wear the lap belt, but tuck the shoulder strap behind me because of the neck thing. We were traveling 55 mph when someone came to a sudden stop, my mom smashed into them and my head smashed into the dash board. Without my seat belt I would have gone out the windshield and died.” — tinyrabbitfriends

21. I heard breathing outside of my window

“While asleep in bed one night I could hear heavy guttural breathing outside my window. My window is several meters off the ground. The breathing went on for a few minutes, then stopped. It happened the following two nights then never again. I also live on a farm with my nearest neighbor over 3km away.” — goondalf_the_grey

22. There was a knock on the door whenever someone died

“Common traditional stories here say that if a terminally ill person you hold dear dies while you’re not present, there will be a knock on your door to inform you. To date, it has happened with my grandfather, grandmother, other grandfather, and two friends/really good acquaintances, every time the time of death and the knocking (give or take 5 mins) added up.” — HirsutismTitties

23. A ghost whispered my cousin’s name

“So my cousin (f) and I (f) go to sleep in my basement blanket fort that I was really proud of. It’s pitch black, huge ass unfinished basement with tons of junk. There was a door to the outside. We talk for a while, 12 yo girl stuff whatever.

Then we start to fall asleep. The AC blower comes on loudly, but I don’t think anything of it.

Then there is a deafening silence. Like the sound around us was muffled/paused while something spoke over top of it.

‘Christina.’ Long, drawn-out whisper from a raspy man’s voice. It was my cousin’s name.

We both sat there in the darkness, both quiet but both holding our breath. I start to say ‘…did you…?’


We grabbed our stuff and ran up the stairs.

Looking back, and I know hindsight it weird, and stupid, but I think back to then and what has happened to that girl since. It’s like she was fucking marked. Shortly after, she started to act out in school, started to send guys pictures of herself naked (she was 13), and a culmination was when she sent her ‘boyfriend’ whom she had never met and was ’17’ her key to her basement bedroom.

He arrived later that week, was not 17, but 42. He raped her. She kept quiet about it for a year, and in the meantime started doing all kinds of things with other boys. Her younger sister walked in on her and she told her to keep her mouth shut or else she would be sent away and it would be all her fault.

This all came out finally at a boot camp for troubled teens where she admitted what had happened to her. They were able to get evidence on the guy, and a sting operation got him caught. He went away for 6 years.

Anyway, bad boyfriends, a pregnancy, a kid with a learning disability, a marriage and subsequent divorce. Just messed up.

And I couldn’t help but feel it all started with my fucked up basement ghost.” — BabsBabyFace

24. Pennies fell onto me from the sky

“Pennies used to fall on me. I would be sitting in the floor playing or running around outside, and a penny would just fall from above me. It happened from the age of 5 to maybe 13, and it would just happen randomly a few times a week. I got so used to it that I’d just pick up the penny, pocket it, and go about my business.

I had forgotten all about it until recently when I was sitting on the couch and a penny bounced off my head. I’m 26 years old now, so it’s been about 13 years since I last remember it happening.

I have other stories, but that’s definitely the longest running one.” — BigBlueBox12

25. We heard footsteps coming up the driveway

“Was hanging out and talking with a friend of mine on the front porch of my dad’s house out in the middle of nowhere. I start to hear what sound like footsteps and thought it was my friend doing it, but looked at his feet and he wasn’t moving them. He then asked me if I was making that noise and then it hit me that someone or something was coming up the driveway. I looked to see if I could see the person coming up the drive and saw nothing. The footsteps then start change from a walking pace to a full on sprint towards us. My friend and I couldn’t bolt inside the house fast enough.

My mother had recently passed at that point and to this day I think it was her coming back to whoop my ass with the belt one last time.” — SatiricRich Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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