This Is Why Authentic Girls Come Across As ‘Too Emotional’

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She’s been called emotional, because she’s in touch with her heart, her soul. She speaks up whenever she feels hurt.

She’s been told countless times that she’s overreacting. That she’s being dramatic. That she needs to calm down. 

But she doesn’t think she’s crossing any lines. She considers it healthy to share her thoughts when something’s bothering her.

And she does. Instead of letting a boy get away with ignoring her texts and posting Snaps with his arm wrapped around other girls, she calls him out on it. She’s not afraid to ask questions that might make her seem desperate, touchy, clingy, because she wants answers.

She’s the type that refuses to play games. She admits how she’s feeling without holding herself back because she wants to form a lasting connection with you. She wants to be real with you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re officially dating her or not. She doesn’t believe in playing the field. If she’s been talking to you morning until night, then she expects a relationship to form.

So yes, if she finds out you started dating someone else, she’s going to get upset. If you kiss her and suddenly go MIA, she’s going to get upset. If you tell her you’re not ready for a relationship, she’s going to get upset.

And when that happens, don’t you dare tell her that she doesn’t have a right to be disappointed. Don’t act like you didn’t do anything wrong, even though you flirted with her for weeks and hid the fact that you wanted to stay single or that you were interested in somebody else.

You knew what you were doing. You knew how hard she was falling. You knew, even if you swear you had no idea.

Boys like to call her emotional, because it’s easier to dismiss her feelings than to deal with them. It’s easier to call her psycho than to think about the words she said and find the truth hidden inside them.

It’s easier to act like she is flawed than to admit that you are flawed.

Most boys are afraid of getting involved with someone like her, because it means that they can’t coast through the relationship. They can’t get away with putting in minimal effort. They can’t lie and cheat to get out of things they don’t want to do.

When you’re with someone like her, you actually have to try. You have to put in your fair share of work. You have to have conversations about how you’re feeling and listen closely when she speaks. You have to be open and honest all the time.

Because authentic girls want authentic relationships. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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