She Really Likes You, But She Isn’t Going To Beg You To Be Her Boyfriend

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She wants to date you and she’s willing to put in the effort a relationship requires. She’ll text you in the mornings and buy you cute little presents and set aside time to see you. She’ll play her part. She won’t get lazy.

But there’s a difference between putting in effort and chasing after you. She’s not willing to do the latter. She isn’t going to demean herself by following around a boy that clearly doesn’t care about her.

She doesn’t have the time or the energy to beg you to be her boyfriend.

Besides, she shouldn’t have to convince you that she’s worthy of your time. You should already see her value. You should feel honored to have her in your life, because that’s how she feels about you.

And, honestly, if she has to dress in her nicest clothes and put on her biggest smile to impress you, then you’re probably not the person for her. If you’ve never felt the same spark that she’s been feeling since the first day she met you, then maybe you two wouldn’t be the perfect couple she always imagined you would be.

She doesn’t want to risk being the one that cares more. She’s not going to accept one-sided love. She’s been there before, so she knows how much it sucks. How much it can drain her.

As much as she wants to date you, she would rather stay single if you don’t have strong feelings for her. She would rather be alone than with someone that doesn’t respect her, someone that doesn’t plan dates or remember birthdays or text first.

She knows what she deserves in a relationship and it isn’t a guy that makes her work for his love. She doesn’t want to be the person that’s always texting twice, waiting to hear back, wondering if the relationship is on the verge of ending.

When she says she wants to date you, she means she wants you to care. She means she wants you to look at her like she’s beautiful. She means she wants you to put in effort to make her happy.

That’s why she’s not going to run after you. She refuses to use up all of her hours on you if you rarely spend seconds on her. She isn’t interested in fighting for someone’s attention. She wants it to be handed over to her willingly.

Because love shouldn’t be forced. It shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth. It should flow easily. It should seem natural.

So if you make her feel like she’s hard to love, she’s going to walk away. Because loving her should be the easiest thing in the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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