50 Signs That He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend

If a guy does at least half of these things, he definitely has the hots for you.

Unsplash / Nathan Lindahl

1. He always wears the shirt (or cologne) that you told him was your favorite.

2. He screenshots all of the Snaps you send him, even when you look like a mess.

3. His hugs always last a little too long.

4. All of his friends have added you on social media.

5. He lets you borrow his sweatshirts.

6. He knows your zodiac sign (and your exact birthday).

7. He compliments your looks and your personality.

8. He never leaves your texts unanswered.

9. You’ve caught him checking you out.

10. He agrees to go to movies and concerts with you — even if he has no interest in them.

11. He sits as close to you as possible.

12. He doesn’t own any dating apps.

13. Sometimes, he actually calls you on the phone to hear your voice.

14. He surprises you with food.

15. He repeatedly asks you if there are any guys that you like.

16. He sends you good morning texts.

17. He offers to pay for your meals.

18. He goes out of his way to spend time with you.

19. He likes all of your social media posts.

20. He gets jealous when you’re out with other boys.

21. He always dresses his best when you’re around.

22. He tries hard to make you laugh.

23. He never mentions crushes that he has on other girls.

24. All of his family members know your name.

25. He offers to drive you whenever you hang out.

26. He holds open doors for you and pulls out your chair.

27. He smiles the second that he sees you.

28. He always mentions how certain songs remind him of you.

29. He’s usually the one to initiate conversations.

30. He touches you every chance that he gets.

31. He texts you as soon as he receives good (or bad) news.

32. He’s there for you whenever you need his help.

33. He isn’t hung up on any of his exes.

34. He never flirts with any other girls.

35. You’ve caught him staring at you.

36. He can always tell when you’re upset.

37. He keeps all your secrets.

38. He makes plans to hang out with you one-on-one.

39. In groups, he pays the most attention to you.

40. He sits with his arm around you.

41. He sits with his hand on your thigh.

42. He lets you borrow his chapstick.

43. He shares his food with you.

44. He doesn’t go a day without talking to you.

45. He’s made comments about how he can’t believe you’re single.

46. He treats you differently than all of the other girls.

47. He cuddles with you.

48. He makes extra long eye contact with you.

49. He tickles you.

50. He holds your hand. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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