13 Reasons The Girl Who Hates People Is Actually The Perfect Girlfriend

Jai Lennard
Jai Lennard

1. You’ll have meaningful conversations. She doesn’t do smalltalk. That means your conversations are going to have substance. They’re going to expand your mind and challenge your intelligence.

2. She has the best friends. She hates people. She doesn’t put up with time wasters, which means the people close to her are pretty damn amazing. They make her laugh hard and love hard.

3. She prefers nights inside. She would rather share a bottle of wine with you on the couch than have screaming-conversations in a crowded bar. That means you’ll save money and will get to snuggle and have sex whenever your heart desires.

4. She’s mature. She knows how to handle her emotions, because people annoy her all the time — and she can’t give the finger every time it happens. When she’s upset, she’s able to move past it like a mature adult.

5. She would never cheat. Dealing with one boy is enough. There’s no way she’s going to juggle two of them at once.

6. She’s an animal lover. She thinks puppies and kittens and little baby sloths are the most precious creatures on the planet. If you think she’s heartless, wait until you see her holding an animal, and you’ll change your mind.

7. She chases her dreams. She doesn’t spend all of her time out and about, mingling and meeting new people. She has the time to work on her goals. To think about what she wants out of life and run after it.

8. No one will ever bother you. She’s a master of the side-eye and sarcastic comments. So if someone bothers you, she’ll handle it. After she’s done with them, they won’t approach you again anytime soon.

9. She’ll give you space. She won’t smother you. She needs her ‘me time,’ which means that you’ll have plenty of chances to hang out with your friends and work overtime. She’ll be a big part of your life, but you’ll also have your own lives.

10. She’s a pro at coming up with excuses. If you get invited to a party or a dinner that seems painfully boring, she’ll get you both out of going. She knows exactly what to say. You won’t have to worry about it.

11. She’s honest AF. She complains all the time, which sounds like a bad thing, but really, it means she’s in touch with her feelings. She’s comfortable expressing her emotions. So if she’s upset, she won’t pretend that she’s fine. She’ll tell you the problem right away so you two can work on solving it.

12. She has the best commentary. You could watch a one-star movie together, and she’d make it entertaining with her witty comments. She always has a funny remark about the dialogue or the music or the plot line. She never runs out of things to say.

13. You always know where she stands. If she’s still spending time with you, then you know you’re special. You’re one of the few people that don’t annoy the hell out of her. You should be proud of that. It’s a pretty big accomplishment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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