11 Signs Your Best Friend Is A Bad Influence (In The Best Possible Way)

Unsplash / Katie Treadway

1. She encourages you to do all the crazy things that you’ve been afraid to do. Text that boy. Cut that class. Splurge on that dress. She constantly pushes you out of your comfort zone.

2. You’re the loudest people in the room. If someone chooses to sit by you at the movie theater or during a long train ride, they’ve made a big major mistake, because you two are going to be annoying AF the entire time.

3. You make fun of everybody together. No one is off limits.

4. You always end up drinking the most when you’re drinking together. You keep pushing each other to take one more sip, one more shot. And, honestly, you’re never worried about getting drunk in front of her, because you know that she’ll take care of you. She’ll hold back your hair and help you back to your house. She’s like your second mother.

5. Even when you have to be up early the next morning, you end up staying out late together. She knows exactly what to say to stop you from going home and getting into bed.

6. When there’s a hot boy around, she pushes you to talk to him. Flirt with him. Sleep with him. She wants you to have a good time.

7. When you’re together, it’s impossible to stick to your diet. If you go out to eat, she’ll make fun of you for ordering a salad and push you to try some of her dessert. And if you stay inside, you always end up ordering a pizza.

8. When you’re together, you’re not the best driver in the world. You’re usually too busy blasting music and singing duets to pay attention to the road.

9. When she gets another tattoo or piercing or haircut, it makes you want to get another tattoo or piercing or haircut. You want to keep up with her.

10. If she finds out that someone was even a little mean to you, she tells them to fuck off. She won’t let anyone mess with you, because she knows you deserve the best.

11You act like total weirdos when you’re together. During a fun night out, you’ll end up posting statuses or Snapchats that are only funny to the two of you, but dumb to everybody else that sees them. You’ll look like complete idiots, but you won’t care, because you had an amazing time with the most amazing girl. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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