10 Things Women Want In Bed (That Have Nothing To Do With Sex)

God and Man

1. She wants compliments. She wants to hear you whisper that you love her. That you’re so thankful you get to wake up next to her — and that you want to keep waking up next to her for the rest of your life.

2. She wants cuddles. She wants to feel your stomach pressed against her back. Your breath in her ear. Your arm draped around her waist. She wants to get close to you without taking her clothing off. She wants to get intimate in the most innocent way.

3. She wants warmth. She wants to sneak under your blanket with you and dig her feet beneath your body. She’s always cold and she wants you to be the one to warm her up.

4. She wants breakfast. She doesn’t expect you to cook for her every single day, but she would love to be woken up with breakfast in bed on special occasions. To smell the eggs, hear the sizzle of the bacon, and take Instagram photos of the heart-shaped pancakes.

5. She wants kisses. As much as she swoons over neck kisses, she’s not always in the mood for them. Sometimes, she wants forehead kisses. Cheek kisses. Kisses on the back of her hand and top of her shoulder. Basically, she wants your lips pressed against her in a non-sexual way. In a way that shows you care.

6. She wants massages. She wants you to rub her in new places. On her shoulders. Her back. Her feet. She wants you to help her relax — because she’s been loaded down with too much stress. She’s always running around, trying to get something done, but when she’s with you, she feels at ease.

7. She wants pillow talk. She wants to talk to you about silly things and substantial things. About whether you prefer red or orange Starbursts and about whether you’re worried about global warming. She wants to get to know your mind as well as she knows your body.

8. She wants an actual pillowShe wants to use you as her pillow. Rest her head on your chest. Drape her legs across your torso. Interlock her fingers with yours. She wants to be enveloped by you.

9. She wants to watch TV. She wants to lounge around with you and watch videos on her phone. She wants to binge-watch your favorite show with you. And she wants you to show her the stupid GIF that made you laugh out loud during work. She wants to experience everything with you.

10. She wants to make plans for tomorrow. She wants to know that you’re not only there for the night — that you’re going to stay until the morning. And that you’re going to take her out to do something fun once the sun rises, because all you want is to see her smile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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