This Is What Being In Love Really Means, Because It’s Not All Sex And Kisses

Twenty20 / liljvicory
Twenty20 / liljvicory

Being in love means more than sharing the same bed and owning a dog and posting selfies together.

Love means feeling sick to your stomach when they come home late, because you’re worried they crashed their car.

Love means being just as nervous as they are before a big presentation, because it’s like your bodies are connected.

Love means yelling at them when they do something stupid, because my God, you couldn’t imagine what would happen if you were forced to live life without them.

Love means tossing and turning the entire night, because they’re out of town and you can’t sleep without feeling their body beside you.

Love means asking details about their day and trying hard to remember the names of their coworkers and their boss and their boss’s boss, so you can follow along with their stories.

Love means spending hours, days, weeks shopping online, because you want to pick out the perfect Christmas present.

Love means calling them from the parking lot of a McDonalds, because you know you can’t go home without buying something for them, too.

Love means checking the mole on their back and making a diagnosis about whether or not they should see an actual doctor.

Love means feeling out of the loop when everyone keeps talking about a certain show, because you’ve been waiting to watch it with your person and haven’t found the time yet.

Love means waking up to an alarm that goes off hours before you actually need to get up, because they start the day before you and you want to spend time with them before they leave for work.

Love means opening up to them about your problems, even when you had a rough day and don’t really want to talk to them about it.

Love means deciding not to drink, because they already had three beers and you need to be the responsible one for the night.

Love means picking up the tab at a restaurant, because they paid for your meal the last time and you’re trying to act as equals.

Love means seeing their family over the holidays without complaining, even though you’re missing out on time with your own family.

Love means reminding them to pick up a card for their mother or a bottle of wine for their friend’s party or a container of munchkins for their nephew’s birthday dinner — even though they really should have been the one to think of it.

Love means trying to keep your voice calm and your words tame, even when you’re pissed the fuck off, because you don’t want to say the wrong thing and cause them unnecessary hurt.

Love means turning your friends down when they invite you to a certain movie, because you already promised your person that you’d watch it together.

Love means helping them scrape the ice off of their windshield and shovel the driveway, even when it’s below zero.

Love means resisting the urge to eat the last piece of their favorite candy, because you know that they were saving it.

Love means being a team. Being best friends. Being partners in crime.

Love means you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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